Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Afrinolly Short Film Competition

Competition Commission Approves Cell C Recapitalisation

The Competition Commission announced that the proposed acquisition of Cell C assets by Gatsby SPV has been conditionally approved. “The Commission has recommended to the Competition Tribunal to conditionally approve the proposed transaction in which Gatsby SPV intends to acquire...

MTN, Afrinolly award film makers after judge’s passing

The top three winners in the MTN Afrinolly Short Film Competition have finally been selected. This, after Afrinolly took the decision early this week to postpone the announcement. After submissions opened for Season 2 of the competition on September 1,...
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SAS Unveils Advanced AI for Life Sciences & Healthcare Sector

SAS Clinical Acceleration Repository is a secure, cloud-native data repository designed to drive innovation in life sciences and healthcare...
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