Friday, May 24, 2024
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2024 Elections

#2024Elections: Addressing AI-Enabled Cyberthreats

The forthcoming elections bring attention to the potential risks of artificial intelligence (AI), a technology that offers immense benefits but also presents significant challenges. Artificial intelligence (AI) presents several potential dangers to the integrity of the 2024 elections. These include...

How can generative AI influence this year’s elections?

There are over 60 countries hosting elections this year, with approximately 20 elections taking place in Africa. While South Africa awaits the announcement of the election date, political parties' campaigning will progressively intensify, with artificial intelligence (AI) expected to...
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Latest News

How Does Your AI Assistant Manipulate Your Choices?

"AI doesn't just predict your behavior; it shapes it!" says Erich Hugo, Systems Analyst at Xps. That's right, your...
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