Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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2020 tech trends

5 Tech Tips for Recruiters in the age of Coronavirus

While there is a lot of uncertainty during this lockdown period, one factor remains consistent – business cannot come to a complete stop. Therefore, it is imperative that procedures – including that of recruitment – evolve to adapt to...

Defining the digital workplace in 2020

2019 has seen companies implement several incremental changes to create a more immersive experience for employees around the digital workplace. Much of this has revolved around driving collaboration and using automation so workers can deliver increased strategic value. While this...

7 Digital Marketing Megatrends in 2020

2020 is not just the beginning of a new decade, it's the start of new tech tools taking hold and consumer behaviour moving ever faster towards instant communication. And to take advantage of these innovations, Ashleigh Wainstein - director...
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Latest News

‘Industry Consolidation Benefits the Sector and Country’-MTN

MTN believes that investing in South Africa's fiber network infrastructure is positive. Additionally, the consolidation of the industry is...
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