Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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2017 Veeam Availability Report

Availability in the age of security risk

With ransomware attacks becoming increasingly prevalent, companies are more aware than ever of the need for effective cybersecurity measures. But despite this, not enough is being done to ensure the availability of data in the event of systems being...

It’s time to digitally transform for a new breed of customer

Given the exponential growth of data generated by mobile devices in the connected business landscape, organisations have no choice but to embrace digital transformation initiatives. But while technology is an important aspect of it, customer experience will be one...

Addressing the risks of data loss

Every organisation understands the value of having always-on access to its mission-critical data. In fact, data has become the currency driving the digital business landscape, without which, an enterprise loses its relevancy. But how does a decision-maker address concerns...
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Latest News

Drones Deliver Medicine, Mail, Money, and Spares

At the recent SAPICS Conference in Cape Town, Africa's premier event for the supply chain profession, a panel of...
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