Selling to the CIO – 29 & 30 June 2016

SELLING TO THE CIO“The repeated issue every year—what keeps CIOs up at night—is the sales and marketing practices of technology vendors. It’s a cat and mouse game. It’s not efficient for buyers; it’s not efficient for sellers. The whole relationship is problematic.”

Mark Hall Founder & General Manager CIO Executive Council.

Venue: HENLEY BUSINESS SCHOOL, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Date: 29 and 30 June 2016
Enquiries: Tel: +27 11 026 0982, Email:

This intensive 2 day seminar teaches IT sales reps how to connect with CIOs, establish trust, and build profitable relationships.
If CIOs trust your company’s sales executives to understand their challenges and help to solve them, they will be eager to do business with you and keep you close. But establishing credibility with CIOs can be tough. They are extremely busy and they are inundated with technical sales calls. Nonetheless, those who make a good living selling to CIOs have learned that there are ways to sell to CIOs that are truly effective.
If your organization wants to become more effective at selling to CIOs, then this seminar is a must attend for your sales team.



The program is best suited to IT vendors:

Vendor CEO’s, Business Development Directors, Business Development Managers, Sales Directors, Consultants, Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, Heads of new business, Sales executives.



This seminar will be completely interactive and incorporates extensive exercises/role-playing to apply the concepts on active accounts or immediately on the next sales call. Everyone can ask tough questions, share their experiences, work on their weaknesses, and learn entirely new skill-sets. The seminar will also include best practices of other successful technology companies.

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Topics at this intensive 2-day workshop will include:

  –  Your Strategy to Win over the CIO
  –  Navigating to the CIO: Top Down and Bottom Up Approaches
  –  Organizing the Presentation to the CIO: How to Gain Credibility & Overcome Objections
  –  CIOs Describe Habits of the Best (and Worst) IT Sales Reps
  –  What CIOs Say Earns Reps Trusted Advisor Status
  –  What CIOs Expect from Reps at a Sales Meeting 
  –  Penetrating the Organization at Various Levels of Responsibility
  –  Communicating Strategic and Operational Value



Your Investment: R6,450 per participant
Registration fee includes: Facilitators’ fees, Reference/Training manuals, USB of course content, Meals & Refreshments, course hand-outs, Group Photos, Give Aways.



Book two slots and gain 10% Discount. VAT exclusive
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“Very informative and interactive. Additionally, I feel a lot more confident now after attending the seminar.” – Kuben Naidoo, Innovation Consultant, Cornastone Enterprise Systems.

“Excellent interaction with a real CIO. Was great to gain insight on how to to close our sales successfully.” – Dale Dhavaran, Sales Manager, Cornastone.

“A clear reminder that the CIO is also human.” – Debbie Elrick, Account Manager, Intuate Group.

“It gave me a better understanding of what a typical CIO expects from a sales person. The seminar made me feel more confident when approaching a CIO.” – Albeauty Mokhodu, Account Manager, Cornastone.