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OVEX - Simple and Advanced Trading


Win Bitcoin With The Ovex Lottery

For the first time in South Africa, crypto enthusiasts and those new to the cryptocurrency community can stand a chance to win a Bitcoin jackpot worth R60 000 with the OVEX Lottery.

OVEX, a new South African cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies launches a weekly lottery. The OVEX Lottery is a weekly cryptocurrency draw which is totally free to enter. That’s right. It’s totally free. Entrants need not invest any funds to enter and do not need to purchase lottery tickets as is the norm with traditional lottery contests. To enter, lottery tickets are earned by users just by using the OVEX exchange.

How To Enter The OVEX Lottery:

To enter, all you need to do is sign up to use the OVEX cryptocurrency exchange.

To earn additional lottery tickets you need to enable two-factor authentication, verify your account identity (KYC) as well as a number of simple tasks. Each task completed will earn a user a certain number of lottery tickets. Each user can win up to 100 lottery tickets per action completed.

Once tickets are earned, users simply need to pick numbers between 1 and 22 or use the OVEX QuickPick method to conveniently generate lottery numbers.

Winning tickets are drawn weekly every Wednesday at 14:30 SAST and will be published on the OVEX Telegram group and community channels. Any active lottery tickets which have not been submitted will default to the QuickPick method, just in case you forget to submit them.

If a single winner claims the lucky OVEX jackpot for the week, he/she will have the crypto assets deposited into his/her’s OVEX account. If the lucky OVEX jackpot has multiple winners, the lottery prize will be divided between all winners and deposited into each winner’s respective OVEX accounts.

Currently, the jackpot is sitting at a substantial 0.5 BTC which converts to around R60 000 based on trading data from CoinMarketCap at the time of press. Should there be no winner, the prize pool will roll over into the following week. In addition to this, OVEX will also add a portion of the cryptocurrency exchange fees earned, to the jackpot.

There are no hidden costs, no unexpected surprises hiding in the fine print. The OVEX Lottery is a great way to win Bitcoin. Bitcoin's price has spiked during the past month reaching a high of $8000 and continues along its bullish path. OVEX offers Bitcoin directly to its traders at discounted rates to the other exchanges.

For more information and Ts&Cs, head over to the OVEX website now (ovex.io). What are you waiting for? There are lottery tickets to be earned and Bitcoin to be won!



OVEX is a mission driven cryptocurrency exchange with the goal of accelerating the advent of an inclusive digital economy. OVEX offers a fiat onramps allowing South Africans to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with South African Rands.

We offer over 20 coins and many unique features such as a crypto interest account and token faucet allowing user to buy cryptocurrencies at
international rates leapfrogging the price disparity experienced in the South African Market.


Physical Address:
Portside Towers
14th Floor
4 Bree Street
Cape Town
South Africa
Tel: +27 87 073 9577





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