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Headline: Beat the POPI blues with ManageEngine Log360 SIEM Solution

Excerpt: Stringent POPI requirements getting you down in your IT department? AllowLog360 SIEMsolution to help you.

As cyber-attackscontinue to persist across the globe as well as inSouth Africa, organisationsare feeling the pressure to secure their systems. In the event of a data breach, individuals’ personal datacan beexposed to cyber-extortionists, encouraging governments and customers to demand more effective protection of consumer data – hence the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).
To avoid such mishaps, governments are imposing strict compliance regulations that compel businesses to adopt transparent and secured measures to collect and process personal data.

POPI compliance
The POPI Act, which aligns South Africa with international standards on information and data protection, requires entities who gather personal information to safeguard such information, and limit use and collection thereof to specific purposes in an aim to protect citizens.
Apart from ensuring lawful and transparent data collection, businesses also need to establish technical measures to safeguard data from attacks and threats.
According to a report by Ernest & Young, organisations that don’t comply risk being fined up to R10 million, facing criminal prosecution, and receiving notice from the regulator - which will require the organisation to discontinue information processing.

POPI’s effect on your business IT
To meet the requirements of regulatory mandates such as POPI and GDPR, your IT should realign with their security strategy and deploy technical measures to secure data as stated in the regulations.
By adopting measures or deploying solutions, companies can:

  • Grant permission to access confidential data to users who would require it.
  • Review changes to the privileged user permissions regularly.
  • Audit user activities and operations performed on the confidential data.
  • Monitor the systems in which personal data is stored.
  • Prevent attacks and data breach attempts.
  • Instantly detect and notify potential threats and data breaches.

Log 360 – ManageEngine’s one-stop solution to resolve all your network security and compliance challenges
In order to meet these requirements, organisations need to deploy a security information and event management (SIEM)solution.
ManageEngine Log360 is a comprehensive SIEM solution designed to meet IT security requirements of the POPI Act with its pre-defined audit report template.

The solution comes with real-time threat intelligence, correlation engine, forensic analysis, incident detection, and management capabilities, which enable organisations to effortlessly protect personal data and stay POPI compliant.
Now extending to the cloud, Log360 allows IT administrators to deploy the SIEM solution on Zoho's secure cloud platform, giving enterprises the ability to store and manage log data collected in the cloud without having to worry about storage infrastructure.

Key features and capabilities
Key features that make Log360 stand out from other cloud-based log management solutions include:

  • Quick installation and automatic device discovery, and the ability to be up and running within a few minutes after installation.
  • Enterprises can store and manage terabytes of log data on a secure cloud platform, without worrying about scalability.
  • Powerful log search engine that can quickly perform forensic and root cause analysis.
  • Integrated IT compliance module with predefined security audit reports that provide transparency, help organisations identify threats, and meet compliance mandates.

With this versatile combination, organisations gain complete control over their network, andcan audit Active Directory changes, network device logs, Microsoft Exchange Servers, Microsoft Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, and public cloud infrastructure all from a single console.
For a detailed guide on how Log360 helps meeting each of the requirements of POPIA, check out our exclusive POPIA resources page.
To download Log360 and sign up for a free, 30-day trial, visit the ManageEngine website. If you need expert assistance in South Africa,contact ManageEngine’s partner, ITR Technology at

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Avinash Kagava
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