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Innovation Dinner Sponsorship Opportunities
Why Sponsor?
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Why Sponsor?

Guaranteed Success:

IT News Africa’s Innovation Dinner is an established brand in Africa’s key business hubs (Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa).
Our understanding of these markets and relationships with top venues and suppliers in these countries, guarantee a quality event that will enhance your brand and result in concrete sales leads.

Unrivalled Access:
Access to IT decision makers in Africa’s main business hubs (Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa).

Media Exposure:
Through our media contacts in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, IT News Africa will ensure that your dinner is fully covered by local media. Coverage will include interviews with your executives, as well as news reports.

Market feedback:
Our feedback forms specifically ask attendees to indicate their levels of interest in your products/ services. This ensures that your investment results in concrete sales leads.

Brand enhancement:
The upmarket nature of the Innovation Dinner series will ensure that your brand is associated with quality. Our team ensures that everything from the quality of food and wine, to the richness of the sound is exceptional. First impressions count!

Photos from Past Innovation Dinners

Click the links below to see photos of dinners held in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa

South Africa | Nigeria | Kenya


Mark McCallum, Chief Technology Officer, Director and Head of Global Services, Orange Business Services
"I am very happy with the sheer amount of networking that goes on at the Innovation Dinner series. I am thoroughly looking forward to the end of the year session and future engagements with IT News Africa."

Aki Anastasiou, 702 Talk radio and Co-host of Tech Busters on CNBC Africa.
"IT News Africa has again pulled off a great  event and collaboration. We have top people involved in the ICT industry attending here tonight from all aspects of the technology world, and it is great to see businesses and competitors sharing their knowledge regarding the cloud and where to go with it. It is great that IT News Africa organises these events as these are the events that spur on innovation in the industry in order to get this type of technology moving forward."

Patrick Shields, Chief Technology Officer for Software AG.
"What I found meaningful at the Innovation Dinner was the practical answers to this whole mysterious thing known as cloud. You hear a lot of people say that cloud is not relevant for Africa; however, look at the turnout here. This shows that there is a lot of interest and we have a lot of great companies actually doing cloud. Well done, well done."

Chandima Miyanadeniya, CIO, Aon South Africa
Chandima Miyanadeniya said, "Overall, the Innovation Dinner was a fantastic experience"

Sponsorship Enquiry :

If you would like to find out more about hosting an IT News Africa Innovation Dinner, please complete the short form below and a consultant will get back to you.

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Series Sponsors (2010 - 2015)
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