Date: 28 October 2020
Time: 11-12am

Prospects interact with your company by phone, instant messaging, email, mobile app or social channels, providing a deep treasure trove of data that your sales team can utilize to close deals.

Join us on the 28 October for this FREE webinar and learn how to:

  • Increase your sales conversion rate by harnessing unstructured data within your organisation.
  • Engage with the right prospects timeously.
  • Help your sales teams focus on pertinent customer data.
  • Use Ai to predict outcomes and trigger profitable engagements.
  • Find out how moving from on-premise to a cloud solution can take your CX to the next level.


Pieter van Eyssen

Principal Solution Consultant at Genesys, South & East Africa

Pieter van Eyssen is a Principal Solution Consultant at Genesys for the South & East Africa region. In this capacity, Pieter collaborates and works closely with Account Executives, Channel Partners and Customers to discover, plan and engineer Genesys solutions to ensure that all business and customer experience objectives are met through the different strategies utilized. With an extensive prior background in Professional Services, wherein his responsibilities included implementation, configuration, integration and support of Genesys solutions, for small and large scale projects within South Africa and Europe and across a range of vertical sectors, Pieter has acquired more than 17 years of experience related to the customer service and experience industry.


11:00 Session:

Sell Faster and More to your Digital Customer
The industry average conversion rate from qualified leads to sales is around 2%. This conversion rate is so low because businesses are drowning in data and are unable to utilise the human touch in a smart way. Engagements are too late and disconnected from the journey.  Sales teams can’t have meaningful interactions as the right data is too hard to find. In this demo you will learn how Artificial Intelligence can help by predicting outcomes and triggering engagements with the right sales resource in real time, at the right time, with the right prospect.

Pieter van Eyssen is a Principal Solution Consultant at Genesys for the South & East Africa region

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