Practice makes perfect: the importance of stress testing in ransomware

November 15, 2019 • Enterprise IT, Features, SecurityComments (0)

You could be forgiven for believing ransomware has already peaked. After all, few organisations in South Africa have experienced it on various levels since 2017’s WannaCry attack. Yet ransomware is hardly a spent force. If anything it’s become normalised. Kaspersky detected 16,017 new ransomware modifications in Q2 2019, more than double it discovered...

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Safeguarding your data in an online world

November 14, 2019 • Online & Social, SecurityComments (0)

In a world ruled by data, it is frightening to think how few people take protecting their information seriously. While it has become easy to share everything from your email address and mobile number to more sensitive things such as your ID number and other...

The role of big data in the digital world

Intellectual Property: Cyber Crime’s Hottest Commodity

November 13, 2019 • Features, SecurityComments (0)

Oil has reigned for centuries as one of society’s most valuable resources. Throughout history, those who have controlled oil, have controlled the economy. However, in the data economy of today, data itself – due to the insight and knowledge that can...

Cyber incidents, major risks for financial services -study

The extent of targeted cyber attacks across Africa revealed

November 11, 2019 • Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

On Monday, 11 November 2019, Kaspersky released statistics drawn from its Advanced Persistent Threat reporting service. Since the start of 2018, the global cybersecurity company has kept a close eye on the META region for APT attacks, working on 29...

ESET joins Google’s App Defense Alliance

November 7, 2019 • Company News, Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

Global cybersecurity company, ESET announced on Thursday, 7 November 2019, that it has become a founding member of the App Defense Alliance to protect the Google Play Store. ESET h0pes to provide detection capabilities and improved security for the Android...

Invest in people if you want to mitigate cyber attacks

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“South Africa is really starting to feel the heat from cyber-attacks from across the globe,” begins Tanja Kokot, director at BroadVision Technologies. “Any organisation that wants to be effective at preventing cyber-attacks needs to look at each and...

Four dangers of unsecured biometric data

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Nowadays, Traditional passwords are a weak point as according to Kaspersky, data leaks happen quite often. More and more have companies decide to change their approach by adopting biometrics. However, no one is immune to identity theft and there already have...

Top 4 cyberthreats for 2020 revealed

November 6, 2019 • Lists, Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

Global cloud-enabled next-generation cybersecurity company, Sophos launched its 2020 Threat Report providing insights into the rapidly evolving cyberthreat landscape. The report, produced by SophosLabs researchers, explores changes in the threat landscape...

The Cost of Cyber Crime to Business

November 5, 2019 • SecurityComments (0)

In 2019, it is reported that cyber-crime breaches are up 11% year on year and has increased with over 67% in the last five years, according to a study done by Accenture in their Ninth Annual Cost of Cybercrime Global Study. Some countries are seeing...

Cybersecurity predictions for 2019 according to Panda Security Annual Report

Top 5 malware’s discovered in 2019

November 4, 2019 • Features, Lists, Security, Top StoriesComments (0)

Internet security company, ESET took a look at some of the most pertinent malware discoveries of the year 2019 – to emphasise the importance of taking proactive countermeasures against malware and of implementing cybersecurity best practices. Here are...

Phishing season is around the corner – don’t take the bait!

November 4, 2019 • Security, SponsoredComments (0)

The season for serious shopping is almost upon us – and with it comes the problems of phishing and fraud. As the annual holiday and related shopping season begins – traditionally ramping up in October and finally ending in January –...

7 “harmless” habits threatening online safety

October 31, 2019 • Security, Top StoriesComments Off on 7 “harmless” habits threatening online safety

Everyone nowadays is connected to the Internet and has by now probably settled into some online routines: we all have such habits as checking our e-mails and social media pages first thing in the morning and consider these rituals healthy and harmless....

Three best-practice measures in the event of a data breach

October 30, 2019 • General, SecurityComments Off on Three best-practice measures in the event of a data breach

We’ve all heard the famous prophecy that states: if we fail to prepare then we must prepare to fail. This statement is never more relevant than in the event of a data breach. In today’s climate of global connectivity where businesses’ core applications...

Organisations aren’t positioned to tackle Cyber demands, survey reveals

October 24, 2019 • Digital Transformation, Security, Top StoriesComments Off on Organisations aren’t positioned to tackle Cyber demands, survey reveals

The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is driving change and digitalisation at an exciting pace, says global accounting organisation, Deloitte. New markets are being created and with every innovation, the world becomes more and more digitally connected. ...

South Africa: A Hacker’s Paradise?

October 24, 2019 • Security, Southern AfricaComments Off on South Africa: A Hacker’s Paradise?

Cybersecurity is a concern all across the globe and is especially prevalent in South Africa, where hackers focus much of their malicious efforts. This is true both at an enterprise level, with online businesses being targeted, as well as at a personal level...

ESET unveils upgraded security solutions for South Africans

October 23, 2019 • Security, Southern Africa, Top StoriesComments Off on ESET unveils upgraded security solutions for South Africans

On Tuesday, 22 October 2019, ESET – an internet security company – unveiled the latest version of ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Internet Security (EIS) and ESET Smart Security Premium (ESSP). These upgrades cover multiplatform integration, advanced...