ICT Business Breakfast

The Intelligent Enterprise

“Delivering meaningful information to drive operational excellence”

In virtually every industry, success hinges not only on traditional competitive advantages such as a dominant market position, geographical penetration, or even proprietary technology. It also depends on the ability to improve business operations by making rapid, high-quality decisions based on the most timely, relevant and accurate information.

Those who have the vision to apply new approaches are more adaptable to market changes

Intelligent Enterprises do not operate with big blind spots and do not make important decisions without access to the right information. They recognize that new analytics, coupled with advanced business process management capabilities, signal a major opportunity to close gaps and create new business advantage. Those who have the vision to apply new approaches are more adaptable to market changes and thus have a better chance of gaining market share from their competitors.

In this edition of the ICT Business Breakfast, speakers and panellists will tackle the role of Intelligent Business Operations (IBO) and Big Data in bringing the enterprise to a culture of speedy and efficient decision making.

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Riaaz Jeena, Sales Director: Corporate Sector, Software AG
Steve Gardner, CTO, DigitLab
Willy Govender, Managing Director, LinkAfrica

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Venue: HILTON DURBAN 12-14 WALNUT ROAD, DURBAN, 4001, SOUTH AFRICA TEL: +27-31-336-8100
FAX: 27-31-336-8200

Date: Wednesday, 17 September 2014 Time: 08h30

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