Saturday, July 13, 2024
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ELO Digital Office is a Gold Sponsor at #DFA2024

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In a few days’ time, July 4th, marks IT News Africa’s Digital Finance Summit, a historic occasion on the African financial sector’s calendar. The event dubbed DFA-Digital Finance Africa promises a host of takeaways regarding thought leadership in Africa’s Finance Sector for all those who will be attending.

Industry leaders and experts will convene at the prestigious Maslow Sandton for the summit themed “Empowering Africa’s Financial Future: FinTech Innovations for Inclusive Growth” to discuss Africa’s future of finance.

The Digital Finance Summit aims to address critical challenges and explore opportunities within banking and FinTech across the continent. With a focus on inclusive growth, the event will feature sessions on cybersecurity, the role of AI in banking, and the future of cryptocurrencies in Africa.

ELO Digital Office: A Beacon of Digital Transformation

ELO Digital Office has been at the forefront of digital transformation, offering cutting-edge digital solutions to streamline business processes and increase organizational efficiency.

As a gold sponsor, ELO Digital Office plays a vital role in their prominence in the field of digital solutions.

ELO Digital Office specializes in developing enterprise content management (ECM) software that adapts to the individual needs of organizations and enhances their digital transformation efforts. Led by Karl Heinz Mosbach, Matthias Thiele, and Nils Mosbach, their commitment is to promote occasions that spark financial innovation and offer tactical insights into the digital economy.

Register to attend Digital Finance Africa 2024 to be a part of Africa’s game-changing event. It’s an opportunity to be part of a community that’s driving change, to learn from the best in the industry, and to make connections that could shape the future of your business.

Mark your calendars for the 4th of July and be part of empowering Africa’s financial future.

Sponsorship is another way for FinTech companies to promote their innovations, and IT companies with banking solutions can take advantage of this opportunity. To discover more about the possibilities for sponsorship, click here to download the sponsorship brochure.

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