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HUAWEI WATCH FIT 3: New Life into the Smartwatch Industry

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HUAWEI Consumer Business Group unveiled the HUAWEI WATCH FIT 3, the latest addition to its WATCH FIT Series.


Throughout its four-year history and three generations, the WATCH FIT series has prioritized a fashionable, trendy, and slim profile. Following this ethos, the all-new HUAWEI FIT 3 undergoes a comprehensive upgrade in design and technology.

FIT Style Design

The HUAWEI Fashion Forward concept drives wearable trends by seamlessly merging aesthetics with performance, evident in the innovative square designs of the WATCH FIT 3. This smartwatch marks the beginning of a new journey for users seeking both style and health.

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT 3 boasts a youthful and trendy square aesthetic, along with upgraded sports and health features. These include an enhanced StayFit App experience, new TruSleep™ 4.0 and TruSeen™ 5.5 technologies for holistic health monitoring, and the addition of five new sports modes, such as Padel and eSports.

Embodying “Fashion, Innovation, and Thinness”

Embracing the “Fashion, Innovation, and Thinness” philosophy, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT 3 reimagines its rectangular watch face with rounded, angular edges and a colorful sun-brushed crown exterior. The watch’s minimalist style, complemented by an aluminum alloy body, achieves a high-end feel while remaining lightweight and slim.

Featuring an ultra-light 1.82-inch AMOLED 2.5D vast screen, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT 3 offers an expansive visual experience with improved brightness and automatic brightness adjustment.

Next-Generation Fitness Tracking Technology

In terms of fitness tracking, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT 3 introduces Smart Suggestions based on users’ habits and weather conditions. It also offers immersive fitness guidance and over 660 workout courses, including sessions designed by fitness influencer Pamela Reif.

Enhancements in health tracking include HUAWEI TruSleep™ 4.0 for precise sleep tracking and HUAWEI TruSeen™ 5.5 for improved heart rate monitoring. Women’s health features, such as menstrual cycle tracking and symptom recording, cater to specific needs.

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT 3 delivers a user-centric experience with long battery life, quick charging, improved UX visuals, and support for HUAWEI Assistant·TODAY. It also offers various lifestyle features, including music playback, messaging quick replies, and weather updates.

As part of Huawei’s future of wearables, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT 3 represents the brand’s commitment to leading the global smartwatch trend with diverse aesthetic choices catering to individual preferences.

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