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Enhancing IoT Security with a Cyber Immune Solution

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Internet of Things (IoT) devices, ranging from wearables to smart home appliances, are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals for malicious activities. In 2023, the Middle East, Türkiye, and Africa region witnessed over 8 million outgoing attacks originating from IoT devices, as reported by Kaspersky’s honeypots.

To bolster the security of smart devices globally, Kaspersky announced plans to forge a strategic partnership with Favoriot, a leading IoT platform innovator, during its Cyber Security Weekend – META event.

These IoT devices are integrated with business applications and cloud platforms, presenting potential vulnerabilities. Kaspersky’s IoT Secure Gateway 1000 (KISG 1000), powered by the Cyber Immune operating system – KasperskyOS, offers robust protection at the gateway level. By adopting a secure-by-design approach and incorporating advanced protection capabilities, KISG 1000 safeguards entire IoT ecosystems within organizations.

Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of Favoriot, emphasized the critical need for specialized security solutions for IoT devices, underscoring the upcoming strategic partnership with Kaspersky. This collaboration aims to enhance the Favoriot IoT platform and Kaspersky’s Cyber Immune IoT Gateway, ensuring a safer digital environment for the future.

Victor Ivanovsky, KasperskyOS Business Development Lead, added: “Kaspersky Cyber Immunity helps organizations operating across multiple industries, such as smart city systems, manufacturing, energy production or others, to get a secure IoT system and visibility across all connected devices. Customers can fully protect their IoT suite, from the gateway to the cloud, and manage it through one centralized administration console. We are happy that together with Favoriot we will be able to bring next-gen cyber protection to more organizations – in the SEA, META regions, and worldwide.”

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