Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Circana to be Featured as a Bronze Sponsor at Digital Retail Africa 2024

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Circana a leading advisor in the complexity of consumer behaviour will be showcasing their extensive range of solutions at this year’s 6th Digital Retail Africa 2024 at the Gallagher Convention Centre on January 31.

The company that provides various deep insights into the trends of consumer behaviours have a deeply embedded history in the analysis of consumer behaviour and have an broad understanding of the habits which drive spending across a variety of industry’s.

Their legacy is built on a strong foundation of IRI and NPD, two of the world’s leading market information companies for decades. IRI that was founded in 1979 by John Malec and Gerry Eskin, was a system built to track consumers’ behaviour and connect it to products those consumers bought at the supermarket.

Through leveraging first-to-market technology, IRI came to have the largest repository of purchase, media, social, casual, and loyalty data in the industry, using this to drive growth for 5,000 companies across the globe.

NPD that was founded in 1996 by Henry Brenner, who developed a system to record consumers’ buying habits through purchase diaries. More than 2,000 companies worldwide would come to rely on NPD to help them measure, predict, and improve performance.

Through the use of the Liquid Data® platform, the process of working with cross-industry data and advanced analytics is simplified enabling them to deliver a complete view of data, cross-industry insights and advanced analytics – providing a comprehensive view of consumer behaviours from different angles.

Their clients include the likes of 7 eleven, Pepsico, Mcdonald’s, and Sephora and they have gained much popularity within the beauty industry. Elizabeth Oates, Vice President of Consumer Insights Monthly from Ulta Beauty shares a testimonial of her experience with the company,

“Ulta Beauty values Circana’s Checkout tool as an instrumental resource for helping us better understand the evolving consumer landscape and how shoppers are actively engaging with the category.

“As the nations largest beauty retailer and leading destination for brands to be discovered by passionate beauty enthusiasts, we’re focused on evolving with our guests and see a responsibility to anticipate and deliver on their expectations.”

By focusing on innovation in providing deep insights into the retail industry spending trends, with the use of cutting edge technology, Circana dives deep into exploring data that is aimed at improving media spend and increasing overall ROI. By staying ahead of complex consumer behaviour they are able to deliver clear, accurate insights into omnichannel dynamics.

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