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Top 10 Tech Newsmakers of 2023

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Africa is experiencing a dynamic surge in its tech landscape, showcasing remarkable advancements and contributions to the global tech arena. The continent has become a hotbed for innovation, with thriving startup ecosystems across cities like Lagos, Nairobi, and Cape Town. Fintech companies like Flutterwave and Paystack are not only transforming local economies but gaining international recognition.

Africa’s commitment to sustainable development is evident in the growth of green tech initiatives, harnessing renewable energy and eco-friendly solutions. The rollout of 5G networks by telecom giants such as MTN and Safaricom has significantly enhanced connectivity, fostering digital inclusion.

Moreover, the continent’s increasing prominence in AI, blockchain, and space exploration demonstrates a diverse and progressive tech landscape. With visionary entrepreneurs, supportive ecosystems, and a youthful demographic eager to embrace technology, Africa is not just catching up; it is excelling, making substantial contributions to the global tech narrative.

  1. African Startups Flourish in Fintech: Notable companies like Flutterwave, led by its CEO Olugbenga Agboola, and Paystack, co-founded by Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi, continued to shape the fintech landscape with innovative digital payment solutions.
  2. Green Tech Initiatives Take Center Stage: Companies such as M-KOPA Solar and Wecyclers played a pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices. M-KOPA Solar, founded by Jesse Moore, focused on providing affordable solar power solutions, while Wecyclers, founded by Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, pioneered waste recycling initiatives.
  3. AI and Blockchain Transforming Industries: Tech pioneers like Stratlink Africa and Seso Global made strides in leveraging AI and blockchain. Stratlink Africa, founded by Julie Owono, focused on utilizing technology for social impact, while Seso Global, led by Dr. Aisha Raheem, aimed to revolutionize agriculture through blockchain solutions.
  4. Rise of African E-commerce Giants: Companies like Jumia and Konga, under the leadership of Jeremy Hodara and Prince Nnamdi Ekeh respectively, continued to dominate the African e-commerce landscape, providing diverse online shopping options for consumers.
  5. Telecommunication Advancements with 5G: Telecom giants such as MTN and Safaricom led the 5G rollout in various African nations. Companies like MTN, with Ralph Mupita as CEO, and Safaricom, under the leadership of Peter Ndegwa, played crucial roles in advancing high-speed internet connectivity.
  6. Health Tech Innovation Combats Pandemics: Health tech companies like mPedigree and LifeBank emerged as front-runners. mPedigree, founded by Bright Simons, focused on using technology to combat counterfeit drugs, while Temie Giwa-Tubosun’s LifeBank revolutionized healthcare logistics.
  7. Tech Hubs and Innovation Ecosystems Thrive: Innovation hubs like iHub in Nairobi and CCHub in Lagos provided platforms for tech enthusiasts to collaborate. iHub, co-founded by Erik Hersman, and CCHub, founded by Bosun Tijani and Femi Longe, continued to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.
  8. Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions: Companies such as Serianu and Talos Intelligence addressed cybersecurity challenges. Serianu, led by William Makatiani, specialized in cybersecurity consulting, while Talos Intelligence, a part of Cisco, played a global role in threat intelligence.
  9. Space Exploration Ambitions: Organizations like the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) and individuals like Elon Musk with SpaceX collaborations showcased Africa’s space ambitions. SANSA, under the leadership of Dr. Valanathan Munsami, and Elon Musk, with his role in SpaceX, contributed to advancing Africa’s presence in space exploration.
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