Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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The impact of AI on business and society

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Hardly a day passes without speculation on AI’s trustworthiness. While there are concerns, AI, especially in Customer Communication Management (CCM), adds significant value to processes and lives.

CCM with AI shifts business capabilities, allowing personalized, accurate, and compliant communication at scale. Despite fear-mongering, AI in the form of Large Language Models (LLMs) has limitations, lacking a human-like understanding of concepts. For businesses leveraging AI, the approach should be thoughtful, balancing advancement and safety.

Kevin Scott, Microsoft CTO, notes that AI tools enhance mundane tasks but are far from replacing human workers. A gradual and cautious integration of AI into daily life is crucial. EU lawmakers are formulating a regulatory framework for AI, emphasizing transparency and safety.

In the realm of CCM, GhostDraft’s AI is focused on supporting document generation for contractual agreements. AI enhances document readability and completeness, ensuring clear communication. While AI improves customer service, businesses must address its limitations in understanding context and nuance.

Practical approaches include restricting chatbot scope, routing complex functions to humans, offering users control over data, and clear communication about AI usage. Responsible AI practitioners should record and audit AI recommendations, refining models for transparency and user understanding. Trust in AI hinges on responsible implementation and continuous improvement.

By Wayne Toms, CEO of Ghostdraft

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