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In 2023, African news has been marked by a tapestry of significant events spanning diverse sectors. Economic strides have been notable, with several nations experiencing growth and investment in technology, renewable energy, and infrastructure.

Kenya achieved a groundbreaking feat by launching its first operational earth observation satellite, Taifa-1, aimed at collecting crucial data for disaster management and combating food insecurity. Political landscapes saw transformations, with elections and governance changes shaping the continent’s trajectory.

Health crises and pandemic management also took center stage, showcasing Africa’s resilience in the face of global challenges. Additionally, cultural and sporting events, from arts festivals to international competitions, have spotlighted the rich diversity and talent across the continent. As Africa continues to navigate complexities and opportunities, the news highlights of 2023 underscore a narrative of progress, resilience, and dynamic growth.

This year the team at IT News Africa again produced compelling features such as;

Top 10 richest countries in Africa rated:

Africa is home to some of the richest countries in the world mainly due to the benefit of its rich natural resources, diversified economies, geopolitical positions, and access to markets which continue to attract investors. In 2022, Nigeria’s GDP amounted to nearly $477.4 billion, which is rated as the highest in Africa. Read more

WOW Eastern Cape Taxi Service Digitise Scholar Transport Billing:

The first phase of the Wealth On Wheels (WOW) Cashless and Digitisation Project was launched in Mthatha this week. The initiative will provide scholars in the Eastern Cape with upgraded safety, and the government with transparent and verified proof of service – all from one digital platform. Read more

Safaricom Introduces Neon Smarta & Neon Ultra to Lipa Mdogo Mdogo:

Safaricom has introduced two new neon smartphones to Lipa Mdogo Mdogo, continuing to provide Kenyans with access to the internet and the world of possibilities through pay-as-they-use smartphones. Read more

The future of influencer marketing is AI-driven:

It used to be that we watched celebrities and everyday people on television use products and then tell us to do the same. Later, we started taking our product recommendations from social media users with thousands or millions of followers. Soon, we’ll consult digitally created influencers in the same way. Read more

Network International Injects R560m into South African Digital Payment Tech:

South Africa and major emerging African markets are seeing exponential growth in digital payments and its propelling technology is making significant inroads in promoting financial inclusion. The technology backing e-commerce payment gateways is evidently demonstrating its value in helping African markets transition into a fully digital economy. Read more

5 Types of Deepfakes You Should Know About:

Deepfakes are synthetic media forms that use artificial intelligence (AI) to manipulate reality. They can create convincing images, videos, audio, and text that resemble human-like content. Deepfakes can be used for various purposes, such as entertainment, education, and research. However, they can also pose serious threats to individuals and organizations, such as fraud, identity theft, and misinformation. Read more

Network International’s Local Payment Platform Delivers Sterling Results in 6 Months:

Six months after Network International announced a R500 million investment in its locally hosted, integrated payment platform, the company confirms it has already achieved significant milestones. Read more.

 “New” AI-Powered Trading Platform Scam Confirmed:

News about an AI – Powered trading platform, launched by Elon Musk has been making rounds on the internet, claiming to guarantee high returns for South African investors. Read more.

The Cost of Mistakes: Solar Energy Expert Warns Homeowners:

Solar systems not only save homeowners money on their electricity bills, but also offer an attractive escape from the tight grip of persistent load-shedding and energy insecurity. Read more. 


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