Friday, March 1, 2024
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Armata Cyber Security Debuts Security Operations Centre

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Armata Cyber Security launched its Security Operations Centre (SOC) on November 7, 2023, providing agile threat protection to organizations. The SOC expands security offerings for SMBs, mid-market entities, and larger enterprises. Customers joining Armata SOC receive enhanced threat protection through Microsoft Sentinel’s advanced security technologies.

“Our SOC, led by skilled analysts, swiftly detects and automates responses to security incidents, reducing data breach and unauthorized access risks,” says Caesar Tonkin, Managing Director at Armata Cyber Security.

The SOC ensures intense threat defense, offering peace of mind and robust capabilities for data sanctity and regulatory compliance. Its agility, rapid threat detection, and security expertise enable organizations to respond promptly to incidents, minimizing risk and disruption.

The SOC promptly addresses potential threats, minimizing the impact of security incidents on operations. Customers receive reactive and proactive security services, exclusively focused on robust protection against attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

“The Armata SOC, designed by leading security professionals, and staffed with exceptional talent, recognizes the need for evolving security tailored to South African companies,” concludes Tonkin.


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