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MTN Partners with Accenture and Genesys to elevate Customer Experience

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MTN, Africa’s telecommunications service provider, is elevating customer
experience through partnering with global consulting firm Accenture and customer experience solutions provider Genesys.

This initiative aims to redefine customer care for MTN’s subscribers by leveraging cloud-native solutions and advanced AI capabilities to drive customer-centric innovation and operational excellence.

Wielding the Genesys Cloud CX Platform

The Genesys Cloud CX platform, a pivotal component of this transformative
program is engineered with cutting-edge AI capabilities.

It incorporates natural language processing to understand customer queries more intuitively and machine learning algorithms to adapt and improve over time.

These advanced technologies work in tandem to provide real-time insights and analytics that are invaluable for decision-making.

AI-Driven Analytics

For MTN’s expansive network of thousands of agents, this means the ability to offer
a service that is not just efficient but also highly personalized. The platform’s AI-
driven analytics allow agents to understand customer behavior and preferences
and tailor interactions to individual needs.

This level of customization significantly enhances customer satisfaction and fosters loyalty, setting a new standard for customer engagement in the telecommunications industry.

Cornerstone for Reimagining Customer Care

“As we navigate the complexities of a digital world, this transition to a leading-edge
cloud-native Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution serves as a cornerstone
for reimagining customer care,” says MTN’s Group Chief Information Officer, Nikos
Angelopoulos. “Our collaboration with Accenture and Genesys produced a scalable
and adaptable solution that empowers our agents to better serve customers and
positions us for long-term growth and operational efficiency.”

Cornelia van Heerden, Executive Customer Experience Operations for MTN South
Africa, adds, “We aim to go beyond resolving queries to becoming a trusted partner
in our customers’ digital journeys, offering a seamless experience across multiple

Adapting to Customers Changing Needs

Over the past year, MTN Operating Companies in several countries, including South
Africa, Nigeria, and Uganda have successfully transitioned to the Genesys Cloud CX
platform. “This initiative is a testament to our resolve to adapt and grow with our
customers, proactively meeting their ever-changing needs,” says Enzo Scarcella,
MTN’s Group Chief Consumer Officer.

In South Africa alone, the transformation has yielded a 40% year-on-year reduction
in call volume, demonstrating the initiative’s immediate impact on operational excellence.

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