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Intelsat and AMN Reach 8 Million with Rural Satellite Antennas

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Intelsat in collaboration with Africa Mobile Networks (AMN), has successfully deployed over 3,000 rural base satellite antennas across multiple African countries since 2018. This initiative has ushered in new telecommunication services, benefiting more than 8 million people.

AMN, a consortium of companies specializing in the construction, ownership, operation, and maintenance of mobile network infrastructure for Africa’s largest Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), boasts its largest network in Nigeria, comprising over 1,350 sites. Notably, the collaboration has expanded rapidly, with more than 450 additional sites added since June 2023. Consequently, this extended network now provides phone and internet services to over 3.5 million people in previously unconnected Nigerian communities.

Jean Philippe Gillet, Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Networks and Media at Intelsat, expressed the significance of their commitment to bridging the digital divide. He emphasized their impact and articulated a shared vision with AMN to make a lasting difference in Africa’s digital landscape. The duo plans to extend their operations to Madagascar, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), with AMN anticipating the construction of more than 1,340 rural base stations in these new markets.

The collaboration leverages Intelsat’s expansive multi-satellite coverage across Africa and AMN’s solar-powered tower solution, facilitating access to telecommunication services for citizens and businesses in virtually any community. This approach has enabled the provision of education, social, and economic benefits to underserved areas. AMN’s expertise lies in connecting communities and minimizing upfront and ongoing equipment costs, making it economically viable to extend cell services into areas that were traditionally considered unfeasible.

Mike Darcy, CEO of AMN, highlighted the pivotal role of Intelsat as a crucial partner in their endeavors. The strategic partnership has successfully delivered essential telecommunication services to 8 million people across Africa, and there are ambitious plans to further expand this reach in the years to come.

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