HEAPS Sponsors #HISA2023

Dr. Suman kathragadda Founder & CEO: Heaps.ai

With the 8th Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa 2023 on the horizon we are excited to announce one of our sponsors, HEAPS an expert led AI-driven health tech platform that helps in optimising care management with the use of cutting-edge technology, data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Fast Growing Care Management Solutions Platform

The company specialising in providing effective care management systems to insurers, hospitals, corporates and patients was founded in 2020 by Dr. Suman Katragadda. HEAPS has rapidly evolved in a very short period of time and emerges as a transformational leader in the tech space in India. The company has also expanded into the North American market and plans to enter Europe and the MENA region this year.

HEAPS looks forward to showcasing their brand and solutions at this year’s Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa 2023, scheduled for November 29 and 30 at the prestigious Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg that will focus on addressing the overarching theme, “Leveraging Technology to reduce Healthcare Inequalities in Africa”.

Going Beyond Regular Health Coverage

HEAPS enables corporations to provide better, faster and more comprehensive health care support to employees without an increase in the cost of care being provided.

In fact, HEAPS actually helps reduce your cost of group policy premium being paid over time while giving employees an opportunity to experience a holistic health and wellness program that goes beyond regular coverage. The company also focuses on serving hospital’s and insurers with their unique care management solutions.

Valuable Insights and Knowledge

Founder and CEO of Heaps.ai, Dr. Suman Kathragadda, will also one of the key speakers at the summit. He is an analytics though leader with deep expertise in healthcare payers and providers. He is one of the founding members of the health care analytics practice at PwC, US that is consistenly ranked as No. 1 for more than three years in a row. He will be sharing his wealth of insight in healthcare innovation.