Rise in Deepfake Fraud Reported by Crypto Companies

A report by Sumsub, a full-cycle platform, gathered the information of a combination of a survey conducted by 100+ crypto companies and expert interviews of professionals in the industry. Overall, 800,000+ fraud attempts were studied for this report and all the data was aggregated and anonymized.
The report revealed several key findings and highlighted that 77% of crypto companies observed new fraud patterns and schemes this year, with attack methods becoming more professional. Deepfakes also remain a growing concern for the crypto industry, with 70% of noting their increasing popularity among fraudsters. In 2023, the number of deepfakes in the crypto industry increased by 128% compared to 2022.

Another key finding shows that 55% of crypto companies reported an increase in fraud-related losses- both financial and reputational. The shift from document-based to Non-Doc verification solutions is underway in crypto, demonstrating faster verification, from 38 to as fast as five seconds and from 46 to as quick as three seconds in Brazil and Ghana.

As the crypto industry continues to evolve, we see a global trend of decreasing onboarding time for crypto users,” comments Jacob Sever, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Sumsub.
He further added that, from 2022 to 2023, verification time nearly halved halved across all regions, driven by the growing expectation of swifter processes among users. As such, providers face the challenge of complying with increasingly stringent regulations, making solutions such as Non-Doc Verification essential.
By expediting onboarding processes, crypto firms eliminate the need for users to upload any documents, better allowing providers to keep pace with industry demands and enhance pass rates, all while thwarting the threat of synthetic fraud.