FNB Expands Investment Offerings with Capital-Protected Solutions

FNB has introduced a suite of structured investment solutions, traditionally reserved for institutions, to individual clients. This offers a balanced, risk-managed portfolio.

Sizwe Nxedlana, CEO of FNB Private Segment, highlights the goal-based approach to helping clients achieve financial goals through structured investment products. Bheki Mkhize, CEO of FNB Wealth Investments, emphasizes the democratization of structured solutions.

FNB’s offerings include FNB 100 CapitalPreserver Participation 1, FNB 100 CapitalPreserver Autocall 1, and FNB 80 CapitalPreserver Autocall 1, all designed to protect capital while offering growth potential.

These structured solutions provide access to global markets with capital guarantees, making them ideal for investors seeking balance and protection.

Investors can access these solutions through various FNB channels, providing a simplified and cost-effective approach to diversified investments.

This expansion underscores FNB’s commitment to helping clients achieve their financial goals through innovative and accessible investment solutions.