Diagnostic Radiological Services Inc Unveils Cutting-Edge Medical Technology

Diagnostic Radiological Services Inc , a healthcare organisation that delivers high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients, installed GE HealthCare PET/CT at the MediMix Newmarket in Alberton, Johannesburg.

This new device , represents a significant advancement in molecular imaging technology, specifically designed and built to produce high-resolution images, allowing for precise therapy monitoring. This Discovery IQ 5 ring PET/CT technology enables fast and efficient personalised care.

Breakthrough in Diagnostic Technology

The device is a breakthrough in diagnostics, offering the potential to identify disease in their earliest stages, providing medical practitioners with crucial information that would typically require more invasive diagnostic tests or surgery. Conditions such as skeletal scintigraphy (bone scans) and thyroid cancer treatment are just two examples of the myriad conditions that can be diagnosed and treated through nuclear medicine.

The GE HealthCare PET/CT scanner will support in enhancing access to precision healthcare and enabling high-value care models for patients. This technology is poised to address a longstanding challenge in South Africa.

Widespread Impact of the New Device

Dr. Albert van Niekerk, Director at Diagnostic Radiological Services Inc stated: “The impact of having this advanced diagnostic technology cannot be overstated for the people in the area who require the diagnostic services that his technology can provide.”

To echo Dr van Niekerk’s sentiments, Dr. Zanele Mlotshwa, Director at Diagnostic Radiological Services Inc stated that, “The GE HealthCare PET/CT scanner represents a game-changer for healthcare. It is not just a machine; it is a life-changer. Its arrival signifies a major step forward in improving healthcare access, early disease detection, and enhanced treatment planning options for patients across the region.”