Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Detecting and Protecting Against Endpoint Threats

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Cybersecurity professionals, including Armata’s executive head Caesar Tonkin, aim to safeguard businesses from material threats and attacks. The recent Armata cybersecurity webinar emphasized that endpoint detection and response (EDR) offers the best defense against rapidly evolving and advanced cybercrimes, surpassing traditional tools like antivirus and anti-malware.

Tonkin shared startling insights from recent Microsoft research during the keynote address, highlighting a 74% increase in attacks in 2022, the significance of privilege access and lateral movement controls, and the rapid lateral movement within compromised corporate networks. He stressed the importance of basic security hygiene in preventing 98% of cyberattacks and discussed Armata’s role in addressing cybersecurity challenges, including threats like LockBit ransomware.

Tonkin emphasized the need for threat hunting and developing threat intelligence to understand adversaries’ tactics and link ransomware attacks to business risk at executive and board levels. He introduced Emile Coetzee and Microsoft’s Wessel Pieterse, who discussed the evolving endpoint threat landscape, the benefits of EDR platforms, and the shift towards an “assumed breach mindset” in cybersecurity.

The consensus among experts was that EDR platforms are essential for securing systems in the face of evolving cyber threats, emphasizing the importance of proactive defense strategies.

Delegates gained valuable industry insights during the webinar, reflecting the focus on expertise in Armata’s cybersecurity series.

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