Fluenta Contributes to Nigeria’s Flare Gas Reduction Initiatives

Image sourced from the Electricity Hub.

Nigeria| Fluenta, the leader in ultrasonic sensing technology for flare gas measurement, has successfully installed 18 ultrasonic flare gas meters at the Dangote Refinery in Nigeria, the largest oil refinery in Africa.

This refinery plays a pivotal role in Nigeria’s quest for energy self-sufficiency, aiming to meet the country’s daily fuel needs while reducing emissions through accurate flare measurement and control.

Working alongside its Nigerian representative, Daptem Engineering, and the Dangote project team, Fluenta overcame the challenge of customizing solutions for pipelines of varying sizes, ranging from 18″ to 90″ in diameter. Larger pipelines posed unique engineering challenges, given the need for precise measurements and the presence of high CO2 content in the flared gas.

Fluenta’s accurate and reliable flare measurement system aligns with Nigerian regulations that impose a ‘tax’ on flared gas, encouraging a reduction in flaring. Fluenta’s director, Radek Kurkowski, emphasizes the importance of flare gas measurement in environmental compliance and safety at a refinery of this scale.

The successful implementation of Fluenta’s technology reflects its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and meeting client needs, contributing to Nigeria’s energy security. Fluenta excels in African flare measurement, crafting custom solutions for an IOC in Nigeria, and earning preferred supplier status.

This accomplishment reinforces Fluenta’s role in advancing environmental responsibility and energy efficiency in the African energy sector.