Temenos Named Trusted Cloud Provider by CSA

Temenos proudly received the Trusted Cloud Provider Trustmark from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

The CSA, a preeminent entity dedicated to shaping and certifying optimal practices for cultivating a secure cloud computing realm, has acknowledged Temenos’ commitment to holistic security through this Trustmark.

This achievement resonates particularly with clients within the financial sector, aiding them in identifying cloud providers who align with their distinct security requisites.

Longstanding Members of CSA

A longstanding member of CSA since 2021, Temenos has steadfastly adhered to and embraced the globally recognized CSA frameworks for Cloud – the Cloud Control Matrix (CCM) and CAIQ. In a monumental stride, Temenos now stands among an elite group of only 30 technology providers on a global scale.

Collectively, these providers have successfully secured STAR Level 1 and STAR Level 2 attestations, in addition to acquiring the esteemed Trusted Cloud Provider mark. This distinguished group includes esteemed partners of Temenos such as IBM, Microsoft, and AWS.

Upholding Robust Security Benchmarks

This accreditation stands as a testament to the robust security benchmarks upheld by Temenos’ cloud-based solutions.

Temenos meticulously constructs these solutions using internationally accepted security methodologies and exemplar practices such as OWASP and SANS.

Temenos dedicates itself to crafting, implementing, and maintaining security policies that meticulously address AICPA/SSAE18 SOC2 principles.

Empowering Banking to be Customer-Centric

Clients enjoy the liberty to opt for their preferred deployment strategy for banking solutions. The software can be hosted on private or public clouds or offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) via Temenos Banking Cloud.

Not only does this approach guarantee heightened security, but it also furnishes other advantages like business flexibility, scalability, and elasticity. This empowers banks to center their efforts on customer-centric innovations and seize emerging opportunities, including Banking-as-a-Service, all within a secure and reliable evergreen service.

Security Expert Shares Her Insights

Colin Jarrett, the Chief Security & Risk Officer at Temenos, shared insights on this accomplishment: “Given the growing trend of banks migrating to cloud operations, security has risen to paramount importance. Our Temenos Banking Cloud has already earned the trust of more than 700 clients spanning over 30 regulatory jurisdictions.

Bolstering our existing accolades, including those from ISO and SOC, this recognition from the Cloud Security Alliance further amplifies Temenos’ reputation as the ultimate secure, cloud-native platform. It caters to banks of all sizes, empowering them to enhance efficiency and foster innovation.”