Monday, July 15, 2024
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Epsilon and ExodusClouds Partner to Boost Global Enterprise Connectivity

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ExodusClouds, a pioneering global cloud connectivity provider, has formed a strategic partnership with Epsilon Telecommunications, a leading global interconnectivity provider, to enhance its worldwide connectivity solutions for enterprises spanning diverse industry verticals. ExodusClouds will offer a customized version of Epsilon’s Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, Infiny, catering to enterprise clients in telecommunications, finance, healthcare, education, and manufacturing sectors.

Leveraging Infiny, ExodusClouds will seamlessly link enterprise customers to Epsilon’s extensive ecosystem comprising over 300 data centers and 600 premier cloud, Internet exchange (IX), network, and technology partners. Additionally, ExodusClouds will harness Epsilon’s global last-mile capabilities to elevate its own service offerings, including software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN). Through this collaboration, ExodusClouds is poised to empower its enterprise customers to expand beyond their current markets in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa, achieving a truly global presence.

Victoria Kalocsai, Alliances Manager at Epsilon Telecommunications, highlights the shared objective of both companies to deliver cutting-edge software-defined solutions with a focus on automation and cloud. She emphasizes, “ExodusClouds’ coverage in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa will be bolstered by Epsilon’s infrastructure across Europe, APAC, and the USA, providing premium network solutions on a global scale.”

ExodusClouds is committed to simplifying the intricate landscape of cloud networking through software-driven solutions characterized by automation, orchestration, and scalable on-demand capabilities. With connectivity to over 150 cloud service providers, ExodusClouds ensures high-performance infrastructure and seamless integration. Collaborating with Epsilon enables ExodusClouds to amplify its global reach via Epsilon’s MEF-certified network and comprehensive suite of connectivity solutions, all accessible within a unified platform.

Nur Yildiz, Marketing Manager at ExodusClouds, underscores the alignment of vision between the two companies for a hyperconnected, cloud-centric future. Yildiz affirms, “Integrating Infiny with our existing cloud, SD-WAN, and connectivity services will provide enhanced value across various industry verticals. Powered by Epsilon’s world-class NaaS platform, we are primed to expand globally, elevating our services, customer experience, and worldwide footprint with agility and adaptability.”

Through the partnership with Epsilon, ExodusClouds gains access to a comprehensive suite of solutions on Infiny, including Cloud Connect, high-performance data center interconnection, internet exchange access, and global inbound numbers. InfiEpilsonny empowers ExodusClouds to swiftly pivot and scale its offerings in response to evolving enterprise requirements within multiple sectors.

This collaboration between ExodusClouds and Epsilon epitomizes a strategic convergence of expertise and innovation, poised to reshape the landscape of cloud connectivity and propel enterprises into a new era of seamless, globally accessible solutions.

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