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7 Smart Business Travel Planning Tips and Tricks

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A lot goes into planning the perfect business trip. From booking flights and finding hotels to managing expenses and schedules, it’s not always a walk in the park. Yet, work trips can have a tremendous impact on your team and your business.

So, how can you make the process less of a chore?

It’s all about having a well-structured business travel plan in place. No matter the size of your business, a good plan can transform your travel management from a hassle to a breeze.

It provides you with clear oversight, a strategic edge, and a checklist to ensure all bases are covered – from booking early and researching your destination to planning your itinerary and organizing your travel documents. With a well-constructed business travel plan, seamless travel becomes your reality.

According to Corporate Traveller’s Customer Success Manager, Zay Ferguson-Nair (an absolute authority on business travel planning for SMEs!)

Here are some crucial points to consider:

1. Your Travel Policy:

At the top of your list should be aligning your business travel plan with your travel policy. Ensure that every flight or hotel booking adheres to the policy and budget guidelines. Be clear about who manages what and who covers the expenses when mixing business with leisure.

2. Tech:

Thanks to the magic of online booking tools, planning business travel is less of a headache these days. But with so many options available, selecting the right tool can be challenging.

Consider partnering with a travel management company (TMC) to find the best fit or even create a custom tool to suit your needs. The right platform enables you to track bookings and expenses, manage post-trip matters, and puts total control at your fingertips. Additionally, explore nifty apps like Corporate Traveller’s Sam, which helps manage itineraries and provides instant travel alerts.

3. Timing:

While last-minute business trips might be unavoidable for SMEs, planning at least 7+ days ahead can lead to more cost-effective options and greater flexibility for changes. If planning ahead is not feasible, a TMC can use its connections and influence to secure the best flights, fares, and rates even on short notice.

4. Duty of Care and Traveller Wellness:

Duty of care is a legal obligation for your company, making it essential to include it in your business travel plan. Ensure that your travelers are adequately covered with travel insurance for local, regional, and international trips.

Educate your staff about potential risks at their destination and provide guidance on what to do in case of a travel emergency. Your plan should also include relevant traveler details, an after-hours travel support hotline, and updated contact information.

Prioritize traveler wellness: Opt for suitable flight times, hotels with amenities, and food options for a productive and stress-free trip.

5. Documents and Details:

Ensure that you have all required travel documents, such as passports and visas, and comply with entry requirements like vaccinations. Pay attention to itinerary information for car rentals, check-in times, and payment expectations.

A travel expert and a well-designed travel management platform, like those offered by Corporate Traveller, can be invaluable in simplifying your company’s travel arrangements, saving money, accessing game-changing tech, and receiving expert travel support to ensure that you’ve thought of everything!

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