Pick n Pay’s Innovative Till Services Reshape Customer Experience

From Groceries to Banking, ‘Pick ‘n Pay Revolutionizes Banking: Cash, Transfers, and More at the Till.

Pick ‘n Pay is taking customer convenience and cost savings to new heights as it expands its financial services to include banking at the till, alongside grocery purchases.

Deven Moodley, the Executive Head for Pick ‘n Pay’s Value-Added Services, Financial Services, and Mobile division, emphasizes the impact of the safety and convenience of banking at the till. He states, “The popularity of these services is evident in the 60% year-on-year increase in cash withdrawals in our stores last year. With over 84 billion transactions associated with cash withdrawals, we hope that our banking services are also responsible for some of the increased footfall we are seeing in stores.”

The decision to expand their financial services offering was prompted by changing market conditions, explains Moodley. He says, “Our customers were already familiar with banking at our tills, so when the pandemic happened, it just made sense for them to get as much done as possible in one place. This coincided with a shift in the banking industry to digitize financial services and decrease their physical footprint.”

The impact of this innovation is evident as Pick ‘n Pay embraces the trend towards digital financial services and offers an extensive range of options, including money transfers, social grant withdrawals, and even sports gaming. By providing over 50 services at any till point, anytime, Pick ‘n Pay has become a one-stop-shop for customers’ banking needs. The retail giant is leading the way in creating a secure, efficient, and holistic banking experience.

Customers are no longer confined by traditional banking hours or the need for multiple store visits. They can now conveniently and safely handle their financial affairs at Pick ‘n Pay, aligning with the retailer’s commitment to making their lives easier.