36% of Surveyed Apple Users Considering Switching to Android – New Study

Sourced from Macworld.

A new study on perceived security between iOS and Android in the US by Beyond Identity showed that 36% of Apple users are considering switching to Android devices while only 25% of Android users are thinking of switching to Apple.

Beyond Identity surveyed 1003 Americans regarding their mobile phone security habits and what they thought of their devices’ security. Of the respondents, 505 were Android users and 498 were Apple users.

Interestingly, of those Android users thinking of switching to Apple, many indicated they were “highly likely” to switch. 49% of those surveyed cited the perceived security and privacy superiority of Apple’s operating systems as the main reason.

iOS 16 ‘s “Extreme Safety”

Apple’s upcoming iOS 16 and its new and improved security features are reportedly what led 33% of Android respondents to consider switching to Apple.

iOS 16 will introduce “extreme security features” designed to protect users even from mercenary spyware. It also comes with a “lockdown mode” which can strictly limit or even shut down apps and protocols it thinks are putting users at risk of a cyber attack.

Of the users asked about their perceptions of OS security over time, 76% of iOS users reported a slightly higher sense of security improvement compared to 74% of Android users, meaning that users across both operating systems believe that security is improving for their devices.

Apple Users Show Better Safety Habits

The study also revealed that Apple users demonstrate safer behaviour online than Android users. Beyond Identity points to an example where iPhone users will be more proactive in their safety, choosing 6-digit pins instead of 4-digit ones to lock their phones. They were also more likely to make use of location tracking and facial recognition.

Android users, on the other hand, were more likely to utilise fingerprint scanning, which apparently helps avoid the risks associated with facial recognition.

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