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How Brand Trust Can Benefit by Preserving Digital Privacy

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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Consumer data is valuable, and nowadays, all businesses wish to get to know their clients as closely as possible. However, certain strategies can spook potential clients. For instance, predicting your clients’ preferences and future purchases might seem like the golden ticket to success. Sadly, it might not go as planned as customers will feel that your approach is intrusive and creepy.

Thus, all marketing specialists now walk a thin line. Is a particular marketing campaign brilliant, or will it cause some unnecessary confusion? The good news is that if you get things right, digital privacy and care for consumers’ data could be a part of your brand.

What is digital privacy?

Most programs and applications require a login name and a password to create an account you can use in that program/app. Often, you will also have to provide additional information – your country, city, address, credit card, and many more.

You will be entering your data and information in a program or an app, and you will need to make sure that the information you enter there is safe. This is for numerous reasons, the most important ones being:

  • No one will be able to misuse your information. Imagine what someone else can do with your credit card number or your personal information? They could be able to pose as you online or even use that knowledge to trick or scam people.
  • You will not feel stressed about it. Thinking that someone might have access to your personal data is scary. Who knows what they might do with that!? It will put your mind at ease if you know your information is secure.
  • All collected data is necessary. Always consider whether the data you collect about your customers is essential. Collecting less data is a great way to manage risks and give users more control. Thus, harvest only the things you need, and try to be aware of the data you have.

For this reason, consumers need to trust someone (most commonly a brand) before they can disclose personal information to it. The better the security and the safer the application, the more people will trust the brand. Therefore, digital privacy is of crucial importance.

How users become more private online

Since a lot can happen if your information gets leaked, people have started using proxies and Virtual Private Networks to help them hide their presence online. A VPN works because it hides your IP address and tunnels your connection through a safe internet server.

Thus, a trustworthy VPN will encrypt your data, and it will also route your internet activity to a secure tunnel. It means that no one will be able to track your activities and IP address.

Why is brand trust important, and how to increase it?

Brand trust is a complex concept. It represents how willing the customers are to trust a brand or product under a verified name. Brand popularity is often directly proportional to the number of people who use the product or a service a brand provides.

The more people know about a brand, the higher the chances they will opt to purchase a product or a service a brand in question provides. If people do not trust a brand, then they will not use it.

Digital privacy plays a crucial role when it comes to this one. If someone betrays you in real life, you will think twice before trusting that person as well.

Leaking personal data and information to the public or to people who abuse it can also be considered betrayal. For this reason, brands need to have great digital privacy conditions to work out well. Remember the following:

  • Customers’ expectation of digital privacy is an opportunity. The perfect opportunity for a brand to become more popular is to meet clients’ expectations. It includes digital privacy as well. If a brand does that, it will move up on the market.
  • Data control must be ethical. By collecting only necessary data, brands will provide the clients with enough security. After all, if they do not have all the personal information, chances of important data leaks are minimal even if a security breach occurs.


Without good digital privacy, most brands would not have many clients or customers. They need to provide safe and reliable methods of clients either accessing the internet or their products. If people trust a brand, they will give away the required information for the login process, account creation, et cetera. Naturally, their data will remain in safe hands, and it will never be misused or used in any harmful way.

By Staff Writer.

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