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How ZenGo Wallet Can Help You Earn Daily Profits on Bitcoin & Other Crypto

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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The best bitcoin wallet in South Africa, ZenGo Wallet, is helping crypto enthusiasts in South Africa earn daily profits and we will show you how.

ZenGo wallet makes the cryptocurrency economy more accessible to everyone by removing technical obstacles and ensuring the highest levels of security are maintained at all times.

ZenGo Wallet is a non-custodial and keyless mobile cryptocurrency wallet that uses threshold signature instead of private keys to make cryptocurrency transactions seamless and secure.

Apart from being the most secure wallet, ZenGo offers users opportunities to earn daily income and increase their crypto holdings. With ZenGo’s Referral Program and ZenGo Savings, you can make money every day.

How to make money every day with ZenGo

Earn $10 Cashback by using ZenGo Wallet

ZenGo offers you $10 cashback on your first purchase as a token to welcome you to the board. To earn your $10 cashback, download ZenGo Mobile app and enter “ZENX0B4G” as the Referral Code on the email registration page. To claim the $10 cash back, you must purchase $200 worth of crypto assets within 30 days.

Earn more crypto with Referrals

There are many ways to make passive income on ZenGo and one of them is through referrals. ZenGo’s referral system offers the most attractive reward in the crypto space. You can earn up to 50 per cent of ZenGo’s commission when your friend signs up and buys any coin on ZenGo through your referral. You are not the only winner because anyone you refer to will also get a $10 cash back reward in bitcoin.

Here’s how it works

When your referrals register and purchase cryptocurrency on ZenGo, you will receive 50% of ZenGo’s commission, which will be paid in BTC.

Referral commission for 365 days

ZenGo’s commission depends on the method of purchase. For credit card purchases, ZenGo charges a 2.74% commission, which means that you will earn a 1.37% commission for card purchases made by your referrals for a whole year. ZenGo charges a 0.99% commission for purchases made via wire transfers, therefore, you earn 0.45% of every bank wire purchase made by your referrals for 1 year.

Weekly Cashout

All referral commission payments will be made once a week. Your rewards will be paid in BTC and deposited into your ZenGo wallet. ZenGo will notify you every time your invitees buy cryptocurrency so you know that you have earned a commission.

ZenGo Savings

ZenGo savings is the typical example of making your money work for you. It was launched to help customers make passive income and increase their wealth in a quick, easy and secure way. ZenGo Savings has become the go-to investment platform for crypto lovers making it the best bitcoin wallet out there.

It is amazing to watch your $100 grow to $150, $200, $500 and beyond while you watch it without pressing a button. Isn’t it?

How does ZenGo Savings work?

ZenGo users can earn daily rewards with ZenGo Savings through lending or staking. With lending, you are loaning your crypto assets out for daily interests. Staking allows you to earn extra income for simply holding Tezos XTZ.

ZenGo Lending

ZenGo has made crypto lending easy for users by integrating with the best crypto lending service, Nexo. Nexo is a registered crypto lending service that allows you to earn daily interest on your crypto assets. The APY rate on Bitcoin is 4%, and you will soon be able to earn 8% rates on stable coins like USDT, USDC, and DAI.

Tezos Staking

ZenGo allows you to earn rewards by delegating your Tezos to a validator node. This increases the validator’s chances of validating transaction blocks and earning rewards. The rewards are then shared among their delegators based on the amount of Tezos contributed.

Under the hood, staking and lending are different concepts that help users earn daily rewards.  ZenGo has combined them into a simple interface, making it easy for you to earn passive income.

ZenGo currently supports Tezos for staking, and Bitcoin for lending. Soon, stable coins will also be available for earning interest; USDT, USDC, and DAI. The interest rate for each asset is visible under the earn section of the app. Simply select which asset you will like to start saving and choose the per cent of your holding to allocate.ZenGo is an excellent crypto wallet with limitless advantages to offer.

Whether you are a  newbie who wants to know how to buy bitcoin in South Africa, a day trader or an investor, ZenGo offers amazing opportunities for everyone to earn some Bitcoins when they register and use the ZenGo wallet. Why don’t you sign up on ZenGo to benefit from money-making opportunities?

By Staff Writer.

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