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Delivering the IT Solutions Needed for Seamless Business Operations

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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For over a decade, Vodacom Business has supported DHL Express with the IT infrastructure needed to maintain its leading position within the logistics industry across the African continent.

As a business that depends on a reliable network, DHL Express’s IT infrastructure and system uptime are critical to providing the quality service that their customers expect. DHL Express needed an IT and communications partner who could scale and grow with them. Over the past 10 years, Vodacom Business has done just that.

“Our business is about being able to efficiently and timeously provide services to our customers,” says Ken Balman, Head of IT DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa.

“We needed a technology partner that could cover our multinational footprint while supporting and driving our digital agenda. Vodacom Business’s reach across the continent, accompanied by their depth of experience, scalability, agility, and hands-on management far outweighed what the competitors offered,” says Balman.

With the necessary size, scale, and credibility within the Sub-Saharan Africa region, Vodacom Business was able to recommend and deliver an increasing range of technologies and services to better meet the client’s changing needs. The IT backbone Vodacom Business implemented served as the golden thread in keeping DHL Express connected internally, as well as connected and integrated with their customer’s systems.

Implementing an IT network to unlock efficiency and ensure growth

DHL Express prides itself in providing state-of-the-art solutions, convenience, and end-to-end visibility, enabling them to provide a satisfactory experience for its end customers. Vodacom Business supported DHL Express on its journey towards achieving its digital vision through the management and maintenance of its IT Network infrastructure which is the foundation for DHL Express’s digital applications in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA).

Having a network that is not only extensive but also flexible and scalable to changing demands, has become imperative for multinational enterprises when choosing how best to connect their geographically dispersed operations across SSA.

“Over the years we have broken down the barriers of connectivity that were a source of concern to our clients, thereby allowing businesses to future-proof as we embrace the next business normal,” says Trevor Naidoo, Executive Head of Technology & Operations at Vodacom Business Africa.

To ensure DHL Express had the IT foundation to support their operations, Vodacom Business fully managed the DHL Express IT Networks for voice, data, and video across multiple sites per country ensuring 24/7 and 365 operations.

These solutions provide DHL Express with:

  • Reliable and cost-friendly communications solutions across wireless and fixed-line networks
  • Fast and reliable deployment, meeting and often beating deadlines
  • Vodacom Business takes the journey with the client, backed by always-available support and quick problem resolution
  • Technology partners that specialise in specific sectors that meet customer requirements on their market terms

“Our business changes rapidly in response to what our customers need. With Vodacom Business, we are well-positioned to ensure we have agility and flexibility in our processes, IT infrastructure, and applications to adapt to the dynamic environment in which we operate,” says Balman.

Future innovations will be key to success

Technology has played a critical role in DHL Express’s success to date, and without a doubt will pave the way for our continued success in the future. Catering to the traditional B2B sector as well as to the growing B2C and e-commerce sector, DHL Express services businesses of all sizes and operates one of the most comprehensive global express networks. To meet these goals, DHL Express is proud to have Vodacom Business as its technology partner to travel their innovation journey with them.

The two companies became strategic partners in 2009, during which time Vodacom Business was able to fine-tune DHL’s needs based on their processes and business requirements, creating mutually beneficial solutions leading to greater efficiencies and productivity.

“We have clear digitalisation priorities for the years to come and will adopt the relevant technologies to maintain our market-leading position in the express logistics industry. As a business, we are focusing our efforts on two major areas of digitalisation, namely Data Analytics and Robotic Process Automation,” says Balman.

“Our clients are looking for convenience and ease, so we leverage our technological capabilities and relationships to deliver on these at scale. There is a much higher reliance on these technologies now, more so with DHL are at the forefront of providing much-needed logistics for COVID-19 interventions into the continent. We have risen to the occasion over the past year, and are proud to have delivered an unprecedented 365 days of 24×7 continuous 100% service uptime availability to DHL Express’s Sub-Saharan Africa operations. Considering the complex challenges and nuanced constraints of operating infrastructure across Africa, this accomplishment is heralded a sterling achievement across DHL’s global IT infrastructure estate”, says Naidoo.

By connecting people, places, and the internet of things (IoT), Vodacom Business helps organisations succeed in a digital world.

With our expertise in connectivity, our leading Cloud and IoT platforms coupled with our scale across the African continent, Vodacom Business can deliver the results needed to adapt and thrive in our increasingly digitally connected world, helping you take your business Further Together.

By Staff Writer.

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