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Jonas Bogoshi, CEO of BCX SA, on Digital Transformation & The Future of Work

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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Jonas Bogoshi is the CEO of BCX South Africa, an ICT company based in Johannesburg that offers solutions to help future proof businesses. The company says, “We take care of your technology so that your workforce is free to focus on your customers’ needs, build productivity, grow profits, and embark on the journey to Digital Transformation.”

In 2004 the company was listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange and has grown from strength to strength. Today, BCX works with businesses from new start-ups to JSE-listed enterprises and international corporations.

Appointed to his current role in June of 2018, Mr Bogoshi is a big proponent of digital transformation and the benefits it holds. One of his personal goals for BCX is to see the company provide effective and efficient services when migrating clients towards digital solutions, like Cloud Computing, in their journey towards digitalisation. With this in mind, IT News Africa’s Abe Wakama virtually touched base with Jonas to discuss digital transformation and the future of work on the continent.

The two discussed several pertinent topics around digital transformation, including how remote work can affect talent acquisition, digital transformation strategies, how the pandemic has impacted the ICT industry – positively and negatively, as well as new cybersecurity challenges brought about by remote work and finally, what Jonas Bogoshi and BCX believe the future holds for the industry as a whole.

Listen below to hear Jonas’ experienced insights on the future of work and the benefits and drawbacks of digital transformation:


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