Twitter Introducing 30-Second Long Full-Screen Ads to Fleets

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Twitter has been focusing extensively on adding new features to the service over the last few months in efforts to fuel engagement with users and increase revenue from advertisers.

Last year November, Twitter introduced its Instagram and Snapchat-like stories feature, Fleets to mixed reactions from users. However, it seems that the feature has been garnering significant usage as the company plans to introduce up to 30-second long full-screen adverts to Fleets. The adverts will reportedly work similarly to those users stumble across while scrolling past stories on Instagram.

The social media monolith will be partnering with select advertisers and will only show adverts for US users on Android and iOS, for now.

Companies that opt for advertising via Fleets will be able to use the “swipe up” call-to-action system as well as standard Twitter ad metrics – impressions, profile visits, website visits, clicks, and other information.

“…We’re excited to see how advertisers bring this creativity to Fleet ads. We know from research that more than 75% of people say they like ads in this format and among those that are using Fleets, 73% of people say they browse what other people are sharing,” reads Twitter’s official blog post about adverts on Fleets.

The company says that it’s still discerning how exactly users interact with Fleets: “We want to understand how this content performs for customers not just for Fleet ads, but for future iterations of full-screen formats on Twitter. We also believe that ads should be non-intrusive and bring value to people, so we’re focused on learning more about how people feel about and engage with this new placement.”

Twitter says it will continue to launch new updates and features on its social media, however many users have reacted negatively to the news.

By Luis Monzon
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