Backup the Physical Servers on your Network with Free Altaro Software

Risna Steenkamp, General Manager: ESM Division at Networks Unlimited Africa

Companies and organisations with virtualised server environments often have physical machines too, and these also need data protection. Altaro has reacted to this need with the introduction of Altaro Physical Server Backup, a server backup software solution –  with the added bonus that it’s free.

Altaro is a leader in backup solutions for MSPs, IT resellers and IT departments, with its solutions distributed throughout Africa by value-added distributor Networks Unlimited Africa. 

Risna Steenkamp, General Manager: ESM Division at Networks Unlimited Africa, explains: “Businesses with virtual environments that have one or more physical machines or legacy servers that have not been virtualised can use Altaro Physical Server Backup to protect these devices and keep them safe. The initial release is being offered at no cost, with community forum support.”

Altaro is an established developer of award-winning backup solutions for Hyper-V, VMware, Microsoft 365 and network endpoints. Its Windows Server backup solution enables you to back up your physical servers to on-premise backup storage.

Steenkamp adds, “Altaro is offering a P2V Hyper-V solution (physical to virtual) as well as a Disk2VHD solution. The backed-up physical server can be restored to a virtual Hyper-V environment as a virtual machine (VM) or as a virtual disk (VHDX).”

Benefits include the following:

  • Reliable, fast backup and recovery: Altaro Physical Server Backup is quick and easy to set up and use, with robust functionality.
  • P2V backup for physical servers: Through this physical to virtual backup solution, you can protect a physical server machine and restore its content in a virtual format. 
  • Backup schedule: Set up one or more backup schedules according to your specific requirements.
  • Successfully continue operating in the event of a disaster: Altaro Physical Server Backup enables you to easily restore a physical server on your network and access it on your existing virtual environment, as a virtual disk or fully functional virtual machine. This way, if the hardware is damaged in some way, you can now run that machine virtually instead and still access all its content. 
  • Encryption and retention policies: You can specify a backup target, choose an encryption key, define how long you wish to retain your backup versions, and select which physical volumes to protect.

“Companies, IT resellers and consultants who use Altaro VM Backup to back up their Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines can now use Altaro Physical Server Backup to back up their physical servers, thereby enjoying the benefits of a single-vendor solution,” adds Steenkamp. 

Staff writer