TT100 Awards Interview: VNI Consultants

VNI Consultants (VNI) is a consulting firm in South Africa specialising in Organisation Development and Continuous Change Management based on sound business consulting and training delivery experience design.

Due to the current business complexities and global systemic realities VNI has undergone a strategic direction change to provide inclusive and holistic cloud services for SMMEs. 

What is the core focus of your business?

As continuous change management and competency improvement experts, VNI’s areas of specialisation include project management, business analysis, diagnostic and research-based assignments, process engineering, systems development, training, coaching and behaviour change implementation.

Together with our clients, we find solutions to business challenges and then assist with the implementation of solutions proposed. We believe that our clients are experts in their respective industries and that jointly, supported by our knowledge of business, produce positive outcomes. Our interventions are designed to unleash the value trapped in entrenched business models and systems.

Internationally, we have delivered projects in India, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Brazil, Australia, Zambia, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Namibia, Mozambique and various European Countries.

What have been the company’s biggest highlights for 2020?

VNI Consultants has been privileged to remain a competitive contender and an active participant in the TT100 Awards Programme for the past consecutive terms (from 2015 to date).

2020 afforded VNI Consultants the opportunity to present research concluded for an alternative framework towards enhancement of continuous change as an example of its practical business application in the TT100 Awards Programme.

In the 2020 rewards programme, VNI Consultants received two awards from a possible six; the ESCOM Award for Excellence in the Management of Systems, and The Director General’s Award for Overall Excellence in the category Emerging Enterprises. We were finalists in the other four.

Could you tell us about your future plans and upcoming programs?

The diversification of the EduNomix VLE to cater for multiple Campuses and establish the brand as a household name in the lives of Learner Prosumers. The current solution is intended for a Prosumer market in the learning space and encapsulates various teaching engagements such as learning Cohorts, Collaborateurs and Cooperateurs.

The EduNomix VLE ecology is sustained by the Cooperateurs as specialised Campuses, dedicated to the facilitation of learning experiences, whereas Collaborateurs support the learning journey through provision and facilitation of specialist guidance throughout.

Our dedicated team is well equipped to facilitate incubation and the seeding of the Learner Prosumer journey within our VLE. Assimilation into this environment is done in accordance with principles inherent in the Nomices polyculture, an ecological paradigm of governance and conduct that underpins modes of interaction which further our sense of belonging to a vibrant hive as a boutique Web 2.0 mutualism, and ultimately a permaculture.

The philosophy is based on advanced algorithmic logic as well as specialised profiling and instrumentation. We welcome self-realised woke agents into our participative network.

Why are programs like the TT100 beneficial to enterprises?

We consider our involvement in this prestigious matter a milestone as it marks the dawning of a new epoch time and again. An example may be that VNI repositioned itself “through the looking-glass” to conceive a change in self-concept.

We now appeal to a unified view, consolidating both microscopic and macroscopic perspectives of participants as stakeholder in structures, processes and systems. This enables us to reflect upon current realities, and to further define possibilities as future realities within a new framework of inclusion within its own participative virtual international network.

The view of SMME stakeholders within this inclusive, participative network is thus sustained by collaboration towards cooperation through virtualisation (cloud).

We look forward to showcasing new innovations at the forefront of the bleeding edge. 

How has winning the award impacted your business?

Winning the award is an affirmation of the efforts that were concluded in making our own business both agile and sustainable. Almost a kind of endorsement on the one side. On the other hand, it certainly contributes to the genuineness and geniuses of our efforts, which are integral elements of BluAgile Solutions.

What advice would you give to future leaders who are starting out within the same industry?

Reinvent yourself, it is a continuous process! When you do the right things you need to do to achieve something and you persevere in doing the right things right, you achieve that something, undoubtedly! 

Harness your remarkability by pushing the outside of the envelope, which in essence means testing limits and trying out new, often radical ideas. The expression “pushing the outside of the envelope” originates from mathematics and engineering, where an envelope is a boundary, but was popularised by test pilots, especially those depicted in Tom Wolfe’s book The Right Stuff. Being steadfast in your endeavour to try out new radical things when you are tempted to do the mundane popular things instead – that makes the difference!

Staff writer