FNB Launches Virtual Card Service

FNB has launched its virtual card service to all individual and business customers. The Virtual Card is accessible via the FNB App and the RMB Private Banking apps.

With this service, customers no longer need to rely on a physical card at merchants that have Tap-to-Pay functionality as they can either use an Android smart device or an Apple device where the merchant accepts QR Code payments.

“Customers can immediately load the Virtual Card on their FNB and/or RMB Private Bank profile and link it to a debit, credit or fusion account at no additional cost to shop safely and conveniently,” says FNB.

These customers are also able to create multiple virtual cards for dedicated transactions at no extra cost.

“The roll-out of our Virtual Card offers our individual and business customers a wider choice of safer payment methods when shopping online or at a point of sale,” says Raj Makanjee, Payments Executive at FNB.

“The distinct differentiators of world-class security and convenience make our Virtual Card a preferable transactional method for customers to better manage their money.”

“We have made significant strides in enabling our customers to use digital payments, even when they shop at a physical Point of Sale. We believe that digital payments are a more convenient, secure and cost-effective solution for both the consumer and the merchant.”

With all the security and convenience features, the Bank encourages customers to use trusted platforms when shopping online. Customers are reminded to always keep information such as PINs and passwords safe and to only authenticate transactions they have initiated.

Edited by Jenna Delport
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