Spotify Lite Marks 1 Year Milestone

Sourced from Android Police

It has been an entire year since Spotify introduced the world to its lite app – Spotify Lite. The app was built from the ground up based on user feedback and has allowed millions of listeners in areas with limited bandwidth and phone storage to enjoy audio wherever they are.

In the 12 months since launch, listeners in 38 markets have enjoyed and discovered thousands of new artists and podcasts while easily controlling their data and storage.

Even though some Lite users are, literally, on opposite sides of the world, they share some interesting listening patterns. For one, Mondays and Sundays are the top days for streaming, and lunch is the most common time to listen to music and podcasts.

With a new year comes new possibilities. Although the Spotify Lite app was already small, at only 10MB when it came out of beta in 2019, Spotify has been able to reduce the Lite app download size by an additional 15%.

This saves even more space on listeners’ phones while offering more than 60 million tracks and 1.5 million podcasts, regardless of network connectivity, data plan, and whether or not they have the latest phone.

The Spotify Lite app can be downloaded separately from the main Spotify app, and is available for both Free and Spotify Premium users. It can be used alongside or independently from the main Spotify app on all Android phones running version 4.3 or higher.

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