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Do You Need a Reason to have Intelligence at your Fingertips with the Huawei IdeaHub?

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Jenna Delport
Jenna Delport
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If you are looking for an endpoint solution that will migrate your workspace into the 21st century and meet all your smart office needs, Pinnacle has the perfect offer for you. In July 2020, Huawei launched its elegantly simplistic IdeaHub in Southern Africa. When using the term simplistic, this in no way refers to the various functions the unit can offer, but to the modern user-centric design.

The Huawei IdeaHub finally gives you the opportunity to throw your outdated whiteboard out the door with its intelligent handwriting capabilities, HD projection, video conferencing feature and open office App Gallery, this all in one solution is all you need to host meetings, presentations, or just a simple brainstorming session.

Suitable for meeting rooms, open offices, executive boardrooms or even just your home office, the 4K UHD projection will ensure you receive the best user experience with ultra-high-definition images. The IdeaHub conveniently support three projection modes, namely:

• IdeaShare: This method will allow you to project the content of your notebook to the IdeaHub with
one simple click.
• IdeaShare APP: Install this application on your PC, tablet or mobile phone and enter the projection
code displayed on the IdeaHub.
• Wired Projection: Connect using a wired connection.

Whilst making use of any of the above methods, you can directly perform any presentation task directly on the IdeaHub as opposed to your source device. The interactive whiteboard provides you with the ultimate writing experience due to the ultra-low 35ms writing latency, choose between writing with a pen or your hand. The IdeaHub also supports 3rd party cloud meetings with high network adaptability, 30% PLC for video, and 80% PLC for audio.

If using the IdeaHub in an open office environment, you could even use the unit to assist your office in going green and saying farewell to printed notices by using the IdeaHub as a bulletin board. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, but you are also able to program the real-time release of your company communication, ensuring your staff are kept up to date at any time.

According to Pinnacle’s Huawei Product Manager, James Nel, the main value of investing in the IdeaHub is the fact that it replaces an entire boardroom from displays, VC systems, whiteboards, remote collaboration, soundproofing ect – in one consolidated device.

To view the launch webinar of the Huawei IdeaHub, or to request a quote – please click here.

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