How Virtual Reality is Helping International Property Investment to Progress


Being a physical, tactile investment strategy that you’re putting money into for the long term, and largely benefitting from the surrounding areas in order to provide returns down the line, property is something that most investors will want to look at in person and get to grips with in detail before going ahead with and committing to this massive part of their future investment portfolio (and potential success).

For international investors looking into markets that are quite far away, it’s a struggle getting down to look over a property. Additionally, considering the current ongoing pandemic situation restricting a lot of people from travel and even leaving their own homes, it’s harder than ever. However, there are intelligent solutions in place to help investors find new opportunities. 

Alongside the general benefit of the internet and the quick access it gives us to others, connecting us in a ‘global village’, the emerging virtual reality technology is allowing investors far away from their prospective investment property to get an in-depth, realistic look. For those interested in perhaps leveraging this tech going forward and using it to the benefit of their own financial portfolio, here’s some more information.

The 2020 ‘remote’ investment process

RWinvest, a property investment company based in the UK with offices throughout Liverpool, Manchester and London, are one of the few companies out there at the moment at the forefront of this pioneering ‘virtual’ viewing and investment experience. By utilising the tech, they’re able to provide investors with all the information they need to make a well-informed decision on the property they’re looking into, all while adhering to government policy and working efficiently from home.

The VR tech itself is used to show realistic, fully realised 3D visuals of the property in question, giving investors a true feeling of what the property is like in person. This can even be done for properties still in their construction phases and development, establishing a concept looking forward to the future. Of course, alongside these visuals are detailed investment guides, statistics and content as a supplement, providing everything a professional would need in the comfort of their own home to get involved in the burgeoning property market.

The virtual reality technology itself

Want to get involved in the VR property investment process, and take advantage of the market while you can? Perhaps you just want to look into the wider technology, and see how it might be able to benefit you personally or your business? There are a wide range of VR models out there on the market at a consumer-level already, and they will continue to become more widely available, as they break out of the gaming sphere and become a more mainstream piece of technology.

Currently, the best VR-centred experience that you can have would come from a device such as the Valve Index, or the Oculus Rift S, which need a high-powered PC system to function. If you just want to experiment with the tech and perhaps look at some investment designs, you can quite easily use your IOS or Android smartphone in conjunction with a cheaply available cradle system, which uses the phone screen and puts it through lenses.

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