5 App Development Trends in 2020

COVID-19 and mobile app development are an unlikely but transformative combination this year. They are reshaping all sorts of industries and business leaders need to quickly adopt the latest trends in order to make the most of 2020.

It is also critical for businesses to integrate the latest mobile app development technologies in order to reach a wider target audience and more importantly, to gain growth.

Here is a list of some key mobile app development trends to consider:

1. Beacon technology

Beacons are wireless transmitters that make use of Bluetooth technology to send signals. Beacon technology is one of the biggest mobile app trends, it is being embraced by many industries for its location technology and proximity functions as it can allow researchers to understand the spread of the coronavirus or alert users of potential contact with someone who is COVID positive.

2. Wearable device compatibility 

Wearable devices such as smartwatches, fitness bands and trackers have been around for some time already. They are changing the way people interact with smart devices. In a report by Statista, it claims a staggering revenue of $33 billion generated by wearable devices by 2019. Surprisingly, many apps still don’t integrate with wearable devices.

Mobile app developers must keep an option to integrate apps with wearable devices. They require a set platform to run e.g. Apple Watch requires WatchOS and Android smartwatches sync with WearOS. Wearable devices will also be less dependent on the smartphone, currently, it still needs to be kept close to the smartphone to function.

3. Payment gateways

Businesses need to integrate a payment gateway into their apps in order to keep up with the eCommerce surge promoted by COVID-19. Mobile giants like Samsung are working on enhanced scan and pay techniques to make mobile payments more convenient. Apple is also working on a peer-to-peer money payment system called Apple Pay.

4. Artificially intelligent apps

AI has seen a significant breakthrough in new technology in mobile application development. AI has not only made the mobile apps smarter, but it saves the mobile app development company a huge amount of time, effort and money. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the AI market will experience revenue growth of more than $47 billion by 2020.

5. Application Performance Management (APM)

APM helps boost the overall app performance and has become a preferred tool of quality assurance testers for the app testing process.

Edited by Jenna Delport
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