LEAKED: Intel’s Latest 10th Generation Desktop CPUs

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The specifications of Intel’s new 10th-generation Comet Lake F-series desktop processors have apparently leaked, according to My Broadband via Tom’s Hardware.

Informática Cero, an Uruguayan tech website, discovered the leak. Showing part of a PowerPoint presentation containing the purported leaked information about the new processors.

The F-series chips were first introduced in Intel’s 9th-generation Coffee Lake processors. These chips use the same silicon as non-F-series processors sans integrated graphics functionality.

The leak shows that the company will launch two variants of each of the processors. Three KF processors with a thermal design power of 125W, and three less-powerful F versions with 65W.

The leaked specifications are as follows:

Sourced from Informática Cero

All six processors feature Intel Single Core Turbo capabilities, which is indicated as the Intel Turbo Boost Max speed in the table above.

Intel has recently fallen behind in terms of technology and sales against its largest competitor, AMD.

Not only has AMD launched several processors that employ its 7nm Zen 2 architecture – which is more powerful than any of Intel’s current stock of processors – but AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series of processors have nearly doubled any of Intel’s sales in certain regions.

Intel’s new Comet Lake processors are expected to launch in April 2020.

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