Growing Popularity of Copy Trading


Copy trading is a trading method that has become very popular in recent years, not only in the USA. It allows both experienced and novice traders to participate in trading in the financial markets, allowing beginners to copy the transactions of seasoned traders with a proven track record.

With all its features, invest with copy trading is an ideal solution for players who want to increase their initial capital but do not have the time or experience to do it on their own.

The reason for the success of copy trading is that many traders are successful and able to improve their skills and earnings with minimal effort without the need to know how to analyse markets or interpret Forex signals.

Copy trading has the additional advantage that many players trust the system and are confident that they are not the only ones who trade. Mine traders are a community of traders who can share ideas and strategies while improving their deals.

For these reasons, most brokers offer their customers the ability to copy transactions.

Smart Way to Trade

As we can see, for experienced traders, the main advantage of copying deals is that it can help increase their profit rates because even with a lot of experience you can always learn something from other traders in the community. For novice traders, there is no better way to start trading as they will have an experienced trader who will guide them through transactions and minimize the risks. The broker himself also wins by offering a transaction copy service due to additional traffic and, ultimately, income directed to brokerage services.

Boost Your Broker’s Income Potential

You can find many online investment platforms providing brokers with the opportunity to use copy trading. As a rule, platform features include the following:

  • Full integration with MT4 and MT5;
  • Web interfaces giving customers complete control over their accounts;
  • Importer of history providing access to trading statistics in the leaderboard;
  • Automatic payment of commissions (the ability to configure different types of commissions, including execution, volume and subscription);
  • A widget for a website so that you can show successful trades without coding a single line of code;
  • JSON API for custom integrations;
  • Risk management tools, including maximum drawdown for investment accounts and daily risk limits for money managers;
  • Admin panel and manager application, including a full-featured cabinet for investors and money managers;
  • A new copy of trading features.

To support novice traders on stock exchanges, such platforms also provide the advanced settings of the Investment platform to make copy trading a more attractive offer for beginners and less experienced traders. Thus, they will know what deposit to make and what commodities are best suited for this purpose.

Copying transactions with this trading mode is built around the rating of traders since statistics affect the decision to connect to the trader and copy his actions. Novice traders are expected to have a lower rating and fewer opportunities to compete with experienced traders.

With all these features, a platform can make the trading business easier and more profitable.

In connection with the growing trend towards copy-trading, we suggest considering using this approach no matter how experienced and knowledgeable trader you are. Following this approach, you do not have to search for a broker near you; copying deals reserves you.

Staff writer