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Elegant and cost-effective Office 365 backup solutions with Altaro

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Jenna Delport
Jenna Delport
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Microsoft Office 365 is indisputably known by many as being one of the top productivity tools for assisting organisations and workers globally. Not everyone realises, however, that Office 365’s native capabilities may not be enough to protect your organisation from accidental and malicious data loss.

Hannes Rheeder, General Manager: Enterprise Systems Management and Cloud at Networks Unlimited Africa.

Hannes Rheeder, General Manager: Enterprise Systems Management and Cloud at Networks Unlimited Africa, says, “There’s a common misconception that Microsoft fully backs up Office 365 data as part of the subscription, but this is not the case. Microsoft is responsible for providing the necessary infrastructure and ensuring Office 365 works, but it’s your responsibility to protect your Office 365 data. This further means that Microsoft cannot help with unexpected data loss or damage.

“Having a solid backup solution in place ensures that even if mailbox items disappear from the network or are rendered useless, you have access to a backed-up copy, eliminating problems or repercussions that could arise from the missing data.”

Rheeder advises that Altaro, a developer of easy-to-use backup solutions for managed service providers (MSPs), IT resellers and IT departments, with clients numbering over 50,000 businesses globally across over 120 countries, offers Altaro Office 365 Backup, a subscription solution to backup and restore Office 365 mailboxes while storing the backups taken.

The solution assists in the following ways:

  • Altaro Office 365 Backup automatically backs up Office 365 mailboxes several times per day and saves them to a secure cloud backup location on Altaro’s Microsoft Azure infrastructure.
  • Various restore options are offered, for fast and simple mailbox recovery.
  • The data is backed up to one location for central storage and protection, offering easier management, monitoring, searching and recovery.

“Additionally, the Altaro Office 365 Backup solution is available via an all-inclusive annual or multi-year subscription, offering excellent value together with strong 24/7 support – and the solution is also accessible as a monthly subscription for MSPs. With a minimal annual starting subscription that includes up to 10 mailboxes, you can scale to tens of thousands of mailboxes. Office 365 was not built to provide data protection services, but with this elegant and easy-to-use solution from Altaro, you can have peace of mind that your data is safe,” concludes Rheeder.

To find out more about the Altaro solution, click here.

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