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Telkom launches new roaming Mobile Data Plans in South Africa

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Jenna Delport
Jenna Delport
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Telkom announced on Wednesday, 2 October 2019, that it has officially launched new Mobile Data plans that hope to provide customers with data connectivity for internet access to emails, social media and streaming. The network provider says it hopes that these new data plans will appeal to ‘on-the-go’ consumers who move between Telkom and Non-Telkom coverage areas.

The main difference between the new Mobile Data plans and the existing SmartBroadband Wireless plans is that the Mobile Data plans allow for data usage on both the Telkom and roaming partner network, whereas the SmartBroadband Wireless (LTE) plans only allow for data usage on the Telkom mobile network.

“The target market for the new Mobile Data plans is the mobile individual, students and people whom require a secondary data connection while they are away from the office, home or not always within a Telkom mobile coverage area,” says Telkom.

Here is a closer look at what the new Mobile Data Plans will cost:

Product Name

(Post-Paid / TopUp)

SIM Only Price Incl VAT Anytime Inclusive Data

(Telkom and Roaming partner network)

Night Surfer Data (Telkom Mobile network

12AM – 7AM)

Mobile Data 1GB R40 1GB 1GB
Mobile Data 2GB R60 2GB 2GB
Mobile Data 4GB R100 4GB 4GB
Mobile Data 6GB R129 6GB 6GB
Mobile Data 10GB R200 10GB 10GB
Mobile Data 14GB R259 14GB 14GB
Mobile Data 20GB R355 20GB 20GB

The above are SIM Only prices. Mobile Data plans are also bundled with MiFi devices.

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