Rockstar Games details next update coming to Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption Online Frontier Pursuits. Image sourced from Rockstar Games.
Red Dead Redemption Online Frontier Pursuits. Image sourced from Rockstar Games.
The Trader Role in Red Dead Online. Image sourced from Rockstar Games.
The Trader Role in Red Dead Online. Image sourced from Rockstar Games.

Rockstar Games, publisher of Red Dead Redemption 2, has released the details of the upcoming update to Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode, Red Dead Online. The update is titled ‘Frontier Pursuits,’ and is, according to Rockstar, “the next step in the continual evolution of Red Dead Online. Frontier Pursuits, according to Rockstar, “are an ongoing series of Roles for players to inhabit, delivering a wide array of themed activities that each offer unique items, skills and more as you progress through each Role.”

Frontier Pursuits will add three new Roles for players to inhabit. In addition to this, Rockstar has also added changes that they say will improve player control with quicker and more responsive movement across combat and locomotion. In addition to this, the update will also allow players to redesign their characters’ appearances without having to reset their progress, new Ability Cards, greater damage resistance while in the Defensive playing style, Daily Challenges and Daily Role Challenges, more Dynamic Events and more content.

The Collector Role in Red Dead Online. Image sourced from Rockstar Games.
The Collector Role in Red Dead Online. Image sourced from Rockstar Games.

Players, with each role, will be able to embark on new pursuits that will lead to unique items and skills as the player progresses. The player will also receive  Gold and Cash payouts. Rockstar claims that they will continue to add more Frontier Pursuits as the development on Red Dead Online continues, which will include new roles and choices, as well as personalization choices. Each role will award the player Role XP which counts towards progression through the 20 Role Ranks. As a player progresses through the Role Ranks they will receive Role Tokens and new skills. Players will also have the chance to progress through Distinguished Ranks that will award them new skills that Rockstar claims will be useful in all pursuits across the frontier, unique clothing items that will in some way show off the player’s achievements and advanced camp styles and comforts.


The Bounty Hunter Role in Red Dead Online. Image sourced from Rockstar Games.
The Bounty Hunter Role in Red Dead Online. Image sourced from Rockstar Games.

The new Roles that will be added to Red Dead Online are detailed below:

  1. Trader: The player will become a partner in their cam companion’s startup called Cripps Trading Company. Players will search for items for Cripps to turn into sellable goods. PlayStation 4 will get the Butcher’s Table for free to help player’s get started, while this item will be available for purchase for 15 Gold Bars, an in-game currency, on all other consoles and platforms. Players will be able to gain more useful items as they improve their hunting skills. Listed below are unique items and skills available to the Trader Role:
    1. Efficiency: Learn to increase the amount of useable material from perfect carcasses
    2. Medium and Large Delivery Wagons: Upgraded wagons that can hold more goods for transport
    3. Lance Knife: A bespoke knife style available only to Traders
    4. Stew Pot: A camp upgrade that unlocks stew recipes to boost cores
    5. Awareness: Identify rival Trader wagons at an increased range
    6. Canine Warning: Train your dog to warn you of thieves raiding your camp
    7. Protection: Reduce the chance of raids at your camp
    8. Weapons Locker: Store weapons for later use
    9. Materials Satchel Upgrade: Store more items in your Materials Pouch
    10. Hunting Wagon: A sturdy wagon fir for carrying multiple carcasses, hides and pelts
    11. Ingredients Satchel Upgrade: Store more items in your Ingredients Pouch
  2. Collector: Players will be tasked with looking for a mysterious travelling saleswoman called Madam Nazar in order to receive the Collector’s Bag, which will start the player’s journey as a Collector. Players, with Madam Nazar’s aid, will be able to explore the world and search for treasures, hidden family heirlooms and more items. Players can find individual pieces of treasure and sell them to Madam Nazar, or collect full sets to gain more valuable rewards. Collectors can receive a Metal Detector, increased carrying capacity and more. Listed below are unique Collector skills and  items:
    1. Pennington Field Shovel: An essential tool for uncovering buried collectables
    2. Horse Saddlebag Upgrade: Carry more in your Horse’s saddlebag
    3. Metal Detector: An important tool which can identify collectables buried underground
    4. Horse Lantern: Light the path ahead with a lantern attached to your horse’s breastplate
    5. Potential: Detect disturbed earth using Eagle Eye
    6. Divination: Sense collectables when you are nearby
    7. Águila Machete: A classic machete restyled for the use of adventurous and belligerent Collectors
    8. Refined Binoculars: Specialized binoculars that make dig sites glow from a great distance
    9. Equine Assistance: Collect herbs from horseback
    10. Valuable Satchels Upgrade: Store more items in your Valuables Pouch
    11. Intuition: Narrow your search area
  3. Bounty Hunter: Players will get their start as a Bunter Hunter when they meet a Legendary Bounty Hunter in the town of Rhodes and purchase the Bounty Hunter License. Players will be able to pick up bounties by visiting bounty boards located near law offices, train stations and post offices. Unique Bounty Hunter items and skills include:
    1. Reinforced Lasso: A lasso made with reinforced rope to keep bounties secure
    2. Spin Up: Perform a Spin Up with a single pistol or revolver
    3. Reverse Spin: Perform a Reverse Spin with a single pistol or revolver
    4. Tonics Satchel Upgrade: Store more items in your Tonics Pouch
    5. Eagle Eye+: Track enemies while sprinting or galloping
    6. Kit Satchel Upgrade: Store more items in your Kit Pouch
    7. Bounty Wagon: A wagon for securely retaining bounty targets
    8. Tracking Arrow Pamphlet: A pamphlet recipe on how to craft Tracking Arrows
    9. Ducking: Duck for protection while on horseback
    10. Bolas: A thrown weapon, perfect for tangling the legs of bounties
    11. Perception: Receive notification of bounties from a greater distance
    12. Reverse Spin Up: Perform a Reverse Spin Up with a single pistol or revolver
    13. Alternating Flips: Perform Alternating Flips with a single pistol or revolver
    14. Dual Gun Spinning: Perform gun spinning tricks with two pistols or revolvers
    15. Focus: Targets glow red in Eagle Eye

The Frontier Pursuits update will go live on 10 September 2019 and is free for all owners of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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