Gozem launches three-wheeled auto-rickshaw service in West Africa

July 17, 2019 • Online & Social, Top Stories, West Africa

Gozem launches three-wheeled auto-rickshaw service in West Africa.

Users in Lomé, Togo and Cotonou, Benin the ability to book on-demand auto-rickshaws through the Gozem app.

Gozem has expanded its transport offering with the auto-rickshaws in Lomé and Cotonou after launching other on-demand transport products.

Today, these auto-rickshaws are an intermediate form of transport, between motorcycle-taxis and car taxis, and can carry up to 3 passengers at a time.

The new Gozem option allows users in Cotonou and Lomé to book a safe, comfortable and cost-effective transport option in just a few clicks using the same Gozem app. Indeed, the vehicle booking process remains exactly the same. The customer enters his or her departure
location and destination in the Gozem application then choose the mode of transportation preferred. He or she will now see an option for tricycles in addition to other vehicles available. The estimated price of the trip is displayed and the customer can choose a preferred method of payment (cash, mobile money, or credit card) before ordering.

“We are pleased to offer this new transport option to our customers in Lomé and Cotonou. With the launch of auto-rickshaws, we are moving one step closer to providing West African customers with safe, affordable, and convenient transport options for any and all occasions. By offering accessible, flexible and reliable complements to existing transportation options, Gozem continues to create value for customers, drivers and other local stakeholders across West Africa,” says Emeka Ajene, Gozem’s Managing Director.

Gozem’s new auto-rickshaw offer comes in addition to its existing motorcycle-taxi and basic & air-conditioned car taxi services in Lome, as well as its existing motorcycle-taxi service in Cotonou. All Gozem partner-drivers are trained and all the vehicles on the Gozem platform are insured, including auto-rickshaws.

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